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Savoia Americano the Bold and Distinctive New Vino Aperitivo

A refined aromatised wine, Savoia Americano Rosso is a bold, bittersweet reinvention of the classic serve. Bringing together the flavours of sweet vermouth and red bitters, this sophisticated tipple adds an exciting new complexity to aperitivo-style drinks. As cocktails like the Americano, Negroni and Spritz become increasing popular, Savoia Americano has been designed for home and in-bar cocktail drinkers.

Predominantly Italian ingredients

This innovative vermouth has been inspired by an authentic recipe dating back to the late 1890s: Bitter di Milano. It’s suitable for vegans, is 100% natural and has much less sugar than other red bitters or vermouths on the market. Savoia Americano is created by blending white wine with 14-months oak-aged DOC Marsala Fine wine and aromatic herbs including Bitter orange, artemisia, gentian root, aloe and mandarin, as part of a detailed blend of over 20 hand-selected botanicals.

Sweet and bitter

Created by vermouth expert Giuseppe Gallo (one of the world’s most respected bartenders and drinks-industry innovators), Savoia Americano has been crafted in a historic artisanal distillery in Turin. It’s the first beverage of its kind to use the 14-month oak-aged DOC Marsala Fine wine, which provides a beautifully complex and refined flavour. The distinctive new drink combines amaro (meaning ‘bitter’) and dolce (meaning ‘sweet’) vermouth in a style that can be imbibed alone, with a mixer or in a chic Italian cocktail…

Savoia Americano serves

Americano: add a splash of soda to two measures of Savoia Americano over ice.
Negroni: add a measure of gin to two measures of Savoia Americano.
Spritz: top a large measure of Savoia Americano with Prosecco or sparkling wine.

Savoia Americano is available to buy from retailers including The Whisky Exchange