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SOLO – The latest Fragrance from LOEWE’s Botanical Rainbow Collection

SOLO is the latest perfume launch from the Spanish fashion house, LOEWE’s Botanical Rainbow collection. The collection comprises seven categories of fragrances all of which encompass a multi-sensorial experience stimulated by colour, touch and smell.

Sunsets are the inspiration for SOLO, the latest addition to this collection, which is said to represent a ‘state of grace and equilibrium.’ Combining feminine and floral notes of green apple, neroli, white woods, and green tea, the fragrance is available in a choice of yellow, orange, and burnt umber shades.

The nature-inspired scents are infused with floral notes and include AGUA, AIRE, AURA, ESENCIA, SOLO, SOLO Ella, and 7 & POUR HOMME with the first of the fragrance family launching in March 2021. The range combines rainbow-coloured fragrances with unique scents and are presented in a slender yet sturdy translucent glass block.

Check out LOEWE’s wide assortment of nature-infused fragrances on the official website.