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The Balvenie Launches The Latest Whisky In Its Stories Range

The Balvenie has announced the release of its latest whisky in the Stories Range,A Rare Discovery from Distant Shores. This 27-year-old limited edition whisky has spent seven years of its ageing process finishing in exCaroni rum casks. The limited quantity of this expression means that it will only be available for two years.

The release ofA Rare Discovery from Distant Shores joins other The Balvenie Stories expressions, such as 12-Year-Old ‘The Sweet Toast of American Oak, 19-Year-Old ‘The Edge of Burnhead Wood, and 42 Year OldThe Tale of the Dog, bringing to life the stories of the places where the whisky is made and celebrating the creativity, passion and curiosity of its Makers.

The story ofA Rare Discovery from Distant Shores is inspired by the true story of David C. Stewart MBE and his longtime friend and colleague John Barrett. John would often bring his rare and interesting finds from around the world to The Balvenie‘s sample room, where David and his team would experiment with them and create something truly remarkable. This whisky has an inspiring story to tell, of two men who pushed the boundaries of innovation and created something truly special.

The Balvenie Stories range features whiskies that have been aged in rum casks from the Caroni distillery in Trinidad. David Stewart, the company‘s Malt Master, decided to transfer some 20 Year Old Balvenie into the casks, which gives the whisky a new flavour profile with notes of muscovado sugar and manuka honey. The range‘s packaging features a bespoke illustration by British artist and printmaker Andy Lovell depicting David Stewart in his sample room.

A Rare Discovery from Distant Shores is now available to buy from; Hard to Find Whisky, Whisky ShopHouse of Malt and Royal Mile Whiskies. Global RRSP £1,120.