Welcoming Suncamino the World’s First Floral Rum to the UK

Recently awarded silver at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2020, Suncamino has reinvented rum. The premium brand takes the spirit beyond the traditional horizons of a masculine tipple with nautical themes and pirate stories. Instead, it appeals to all genders with its stylish design and quality crafted liquid. Suncamino Floral Rum is bottled by hand at 40% ABV, combining premium aged spirit, natural ingredients, and botanicals.

Infused with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom

Caribbean sugarcane molasses are fermented using South African Distillers yeast, which is then distilled in pot and column stills. The blend is then aged for up to eight years in French oak, ex-bourbon barrels under the tropical cask ageing climate of Barbados. It then travels to the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa (a world heritage site famous for its floral diversity) where its botanist adds a fragrant bouquet of Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom extracts to carefully complement the rum’s signature notes. 

Take a journey to the sun

Meaning “journey to the sun”, Suncamino carries a sense of pilgrimage. The term resonated with two Capetonian friends (Stewy Van Der Berg and Inus Smuts) who share a love for adventure, the outdoors and the ocean. It inspired them to create a unique, brand-forward approach to rum. The pair said of the launch: “We created Suncamino to inspire moments of storytelling. We wanted to bottle and share the feeling of Cape Town where wild, picturesque landscapes meet an eclectic mix of cultures, tastes, sounds and sights. When people drink Suncamino, they do so because they want to become a part of a lifestyle that’s represented by the brand – one that is centred around creativity, individuality and adventure.”

Feeling adventurous?

Sucamino’s tagline “Feeling Adventurous?”, invites drinkers to drop any pre-existing perceptions and venture out of their comfort zones. The award-winning, adventure lifestyle rum appeals to gin drinkers with its floral aspect, whisky drinkers with its oak-aged character, and then rum drinkers for its brand new take on the spirit. It’s a wonderful alternative craft rum. Gold in colour, it has aromas of smoky vanilla, oak and orange blossom, flavours of smoky honey, orange blossom and caramel, with a lush floral finish of hibiscus and honeybush. 

Signature serve

The liquor evokes a sense of summer with a unique Capetonian flavour especially the signature serve: Suncamino and tonic with a dash of fresh lime. Or try some of Suncaminos other recommended serves:

Suncamino OId Fashioned:

50ml Suncamino Floral Rum | 3 Dashes Angostura Bitters | 1/2 Shot simple syrup (1-part sugar, dissolved in 1-part boiling water and cooled) | (or honey simple syrup) | Garnish with fresh orange peel

Suncamino Light & Sunny:

In a tall glass with ice | 50ml Suncamino Floral Rum | Half Ginger Ale | Half Soda Water | Squeeze of Fresh Lime

This versatile and exciting new rum is suited to all manner of occasions. And the luxurious bottle with its eye-catching gold detailing makes for a delightful and striking gift. Suncamino Floral Rum is priced at £28.95 for a 50cl bottle and is available to purchase at 31DOVER.com

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