Acqua Di Parma and Poltrona Frau Present the First Smart Home Diffuser

The new Smart Home Diffuser is launching as part of Acqua di Parma’s chic Home Collection, providing an original way to experience interior fragrance. With this innovative new device, it’s possible to adjust the olfactory atmosphere in your home or workplace – exactly as you want it. 

A passion for high-end craftsmanship

Aqua di Parma, founded in 1916, has long been a symbol of bright Italian style, while Poltrona Frau, founded in 1912, has always cultivated unique leather craftwork, through design and research. Through over a century of history, both brands have evolved, developing pure and sophisticated contemporary classics. Now they’ve combined striking design and home-automation technology in an entirely new way. The diffuser itself is entirely customisable with a leather finish in one of five different interchangeable shades to match your decor palette. 

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The Smart Home Diffuser has been created in the shape of a circle, reflecting Acqua di Parma’s iconic hat boxes, through an organic, minimalist design. The covers in PELLE FRAU®, are all delicately created by hand with tailored sewn detail, expressing the artisan workmanship of Poltrona Frau. An elegant metal base of gunmetal and brushed gold tones finished the aesthetic perfectly.  

Bringing harmony to all five senses

The multi-award-winning design team GamFratesi were onboarded to bring an avant-garde, intense, enveloping and multi-sensory experience to today’s homes. Ergonomics, beauty, and atmosphere are fused together in this new product. By creating a concept of welcoming space that reflects those who live there, this product becomes a part of everyday living, delighting the senses. 

Every device holds up to three fragrances – any of Acqua di Parma’s nine blends: Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Oh, l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza, Profumi dell’Orto, Arancia di Capri, Fico d’Amalf and Mirto di Panarea. Each of these can be chosen and activated remotely via the app or website and set to diffuse on a specific date and time. Simply connect the wireless device to your wifi and place it anywhere you wish. The diffuser’s smart online system self-manages all information and updates but also has a manual override button. 

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Scents are held in polymer-based ‘pearls’, enclosed in turn in the fragrance refill. A smart recognition system is contained in each of the refills and read by the device to release just the right amount of scent for the surroundings, guaranteeing optimal use. The aroma travels up to 30m sq, with each refill providing around 60 hours of fragrance. 

The Smart Home Diffuser is available exclusively on priced at £700 which includes a leather cover of your choice and three fragrance refills.

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