Acqua Di Parma Collaborates with Tenuta Luce

Bask in the sunny and clear sky that bathes the trails, feel the vibrance and radiance of the pulsating terrain, and immerse in the green and round sensations of the vines. An ode to light, a value profoundly shared by two storied Italian names who come together to present a brand-new fragrance for the home, Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce.

About Acqua di Parma and Tenuta Luce

The story of this fragrance house began in Italy in 1916, birthed by the visionary yet secretive baron Carlo Magnan. Since then it has become an icon and a household name, renowned for its high-quality products and the preservation of nature, culture and art.

Tenuta Luce is a well-respected winemaker, located in the Val d’Orcia Natural Park, a place with a wonderful climate for grapes; sunlight, crisp air, well-ventilated conditions, diverse soils and elevated landscapes.

A new limited-edition home fragrance

Acqua Di Parma’s latest fragrance is an ode to Tenuta Luce, its landscapes, beauty and of course, aromas. One inhale is designed to transport you to these sun-drenched vineyards. Fill your home with the natural energy of vines; the dry and woody scent of the sun-kissed soil and the rich Tuscan territory of Tenuta Luce’s home. The fragrance also contains fresh, aromatic notes of lavender and thyme, accented by juniper touches for a sparkling, radiant opening. This leads into fruitier, greener and more rounded tones achieved with grape leaves. Meanwhile, dry and luminous cedarwood creates an almost tactile evocation of sunny soil, while the deep, enveloping, and soft sandalwood is reminiscent of the scent of a traditional Italian savoir-faire of barrels.

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A 200gm candle and 180ml diffuser

Attracting the sense of sight as well as the olfactory sense, each of the products is encased in shiny black lacquered glass emblazoned with radiant golden rays, depicting the intense sunshine that daily illuminates the Tenuta Luce vineyards. This presentation is completed by a unique label – an ode to the all-Italian collaboration that joins tradition, innovation, creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The candles and diffusers are provided in a 100% recyclable fine paper packaging that’s approved by FSC (an international certification for responsible forest management worldwide) to ensure the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The limited edition 200gm candle and 180ml diffuser by Acqua Di Parma X Tenuta Luce are available to purchase now from Harvey Nichols here. – Candle, Diffuser.

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