Announcing Ardbeg’s First Non-Purified Whisky, Heavy Vapours 

The latest limited edition single malt scotch whisky from Ardbeg marks a new departure for the distillery; created without a purifier, the whisky is an exciting new heady and distinct blend, that’s unmistakably Ardbeg. 

An Experiment

While the purification process brings the balance of extreme peat and floral fruitiness, Heavy Vapours eschews this, in favour of pungent earthiness, rich dark chocolate, spicy aniseed and cinnamon, and a bright pop of peppermint. Heavy Vapours is the ultimate experimental Islay single malt scotch whisky matured in classic Ardbeg casks. It was a creative experiment by the brand’s Director of Whisky, Dr Bill Lumsden. By allowing these untamed vapours to rise up the still during the distillation process, darker flavours and notes could rise with a cloud of disturbing ashy coal dust and a casting haze of cardamom, eucalyptus and coffee grits. Once captured, matured and bottled, these intense flavours linger deliciously. 

Ardbeg Day

Each year a celebration takes place, paying homage to Ardbeg. This happens every year, annually on the last Saturday of Islay’s Festival of Music and Malt, Fèis Ìle. On Saturday 3 June this year, the distillery threw a party, which included a Detective Noir themed celebration of Planet Ardbeg in London. In this, guests were playfully thrown into an alternative universe, inspired by the comic book genre and given the task of finding the lost purifier. The release of this experimental limited edition whisky coincided with 2023’s celebrations, the perfect way to launch a ground-breaking new bottling. 

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Planet Ardbeg

The new smoky and earthy whisky runs in tandem with the launch of Ardbeg’s graphic novel universe, Planet Ardbeg. Heavy Vapours’ non-standard distillation process and alternative flavour has been brought to life in the accompanying graphic novel created by celebrated comic artist and illustrator Dilraj Mann. Now whisky lovers can immerse in the theme of Planet Ardbeg, being transported into Ardbeg’s mystical, graphic novel universe. Uncover the mysteries behind this latest limited edition release as you follow Agent 46, a plucky interplanetary detective on a quest to find the missing purifier and restore Ardbeg’s signature balance.  

The 46% ABV limited edition whisky is now available to purchase from various whisky specialists including The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt for RRP £120. For members of the Ardbeg committee, an exclusive has been bottled non-chill-filtered at 50.2% ABV, RRP £120. To purchase this limited edition whisky, you can register free of charge, and find out more about Planet Ardbeg, at

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