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There‘s something special about whisky. It‘s the perfect drink – smooth, sophisticated, and with a rich history. Whisky is made from grain, usually barley, and distilled in Scotland. The process of making whisky is long and detailed, and the end result is a smooth, flavourful drink perfect for sipping. There are many different types of whisky, from the smoky Islay whiskies to the sweet and fruity Speyside whiskies. No matter what your taste, there’s a whisky out there for you. So pour yourself a glass, sit back, and enjoy its smooth flavour and discover what we are drinking right now.

Coachbuild Whisky

George Koutsakis and Jenson Button have announced the launch of their new premium Scotch blended whisky, Coachbuilt. The whisky is a blend of liquids sourced from all five iconic whiskyproducing regions of Scotland: Islay, Speyside, Campbeltown, Highlands and Lowlands. Aged in premium sherry casks for a marrying period, resulting in a beautifully balanced whisky with rich depth and complexity of flavour.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd Sherry Cask Matured – The Classic Range

With two Royal Warrants and over 300 years of history, Berry Brothers & Rudd is Britain’s original wine and spirits merchant is family-owned and run and still trades from No.3 St James’s Street, home since 1698. The team have selected a blend of sherry cask single malts to create this beautiful example of a well-sherried whisky. Sherry casks are a luxury in whisky making and these expensive barrels imbue a spirit with distinctive notes of deep fruit, citrus and nuts making their Classic Sherry Cask Malt deliver a balanced expression in a uniquely engaging style. Their Classic Range is a remarkable range of malt whiskies that epitomise the best of the four classic styles of Scottish Malt – The Regions of Islay and Speyside, and the distinctive cask styles of Sherry and Peat.

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Aberlour A’bunadh Alba

Aberlour A’bunadh Alba is handcrafted in the Speyside village of Aberlour and is the first whisky by the brand to be matured in 1st fill American White Oak barrels that previously held bourbon. Bottled at cask strength (ABV 62.7%), this whisky is the closest you will get to experiencing whisky straight from the cask. This groundbreaking release is created in small batches to ensure a single malt of the highest standard is produced.

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Glenmorangie A Tale Of Winter

A Tale of Winter takes its cue from the humble winter jumper. It was first imagined by Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, who came up with the idea for the new incarnation when snowed in at home by a roaring fire. The 13-year-old single malt is matured in Marsala wine casks from Sicily, bringing notes of fruit, honey, cocoa dust, red pepper, brazil nut toffee and the Christmas spices of cinnamon, ginger and clove.

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Glenlivet Licenced Dram

The distillery was the first to be licensed in Speyside, back in 1823, and Glenlivet’s new dram pays homage to this heritage. It’s the second limited edition from The Glenlivet Original Stories series, a 12-year-old bottling dedicated to the brand founder George Smith, who received the licence. Matured in first-fill American and first-fill European Oak-Casks, this whisky is bottled without chill-filtration with an ABV of 48%vol.

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Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Stiùireadair means ‘helmsman’ in Scots Gaelic and specifically the Bunnahabhain helmsman in this instance. This expression celebrates the sea and the coast where the whisky was matured (by the Sound of Islay) in first and second fill sherry casks. It’s non-chill-filtered and left with its natural colouring. The result is a creamy liquid with notes of dried fruit, sea salt, caramel, nuts and gentle spice. This particular Islay single malt is unpeated, allowing for a sweeter flavour, representative of its home island.

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Black Bottle’s Island Smoke

Brand new in 2021, is Black Bottle’s  Alchemy Series. It’s made up of two whiskies, including this blended Scotch whisky titled Island Smoke and the Double Cask expression. Island Smoke it one for those who prefer a peatier, smoky taste to their tipple and for those who enjoy a hint of something coastal – the liquor has a nose of coastal air, scorched oak and seaweed and alongside vanilla sweetness and kicks of spice.

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Tobermory 23-year-old Oloroso

Derived from the popular Tobermory 15-Year-Old release in 2008, this incarnation has luxuriated in extra years of maturation, for a deeper flavour profile.The 23 year old single malt has been finished in Gonzales Byass sherry casks after ageing in refill hogsheads. It has notes of caramelised dates and walnuts, orange, barley, blackcurrant jam and brioche, with a palate of crunchie bars, melted butter, rum cake, sultana, fig, vanilla tablet and milk chocolate.

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Glenmorangie X

The Highland single malt has been created in collaboration with leading bartenders, as, unlike others from the distillery, it’s been made with a view to mixing, rather than drinking straight. It contains notes of pear, vanilla, orange and fudge, lending itself nicely to a fruity, rich cocktail.

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Ardbeg Blaaack Single Scotch Limited Edition

A very special and unusual whisky from the monster-themed distillery, it’s a limited edition and comes in a beautifully designed presentation box. It’s a feisty liquor celebrating Ardberg’s 20 years in the business. Pinot noir casks from New Zealand have been used to mature the liquid, resulting in flavours evocative of summer fruit pudding, bitter cherry, soot and Ardbeg’s hallmark smoke.

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Blue Spot 7-Year-Old

Another great option for those who like their whisky spicy! This brand has had a recent resurgence after disappearing from supermarkets and off licences back in the 1960s. Relaunched by Mitchell & Son as a triple distilled 7-year-old single pot still Irish whiskey, Blue Spot is matured in bourbon, sherry, and Madeira casks, then bottled at cask strength. As such, it’s full of character, flavour and packs a punch.

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Glen Scotia 30-Year-Old

This is the latest release from the Campbeltown-based distillery. This single malt was drawn from European oak casks and bottled up at cask strength and with only 500 bottles produced, it’s a limited edition. It has notes of violet, lavender, seaspray, green apple, nutmeg and allspice. Honeyed pear and candied lemon peel break through the spiciness and into the smoothness of dark chocolate and espresso.

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Benromach Classic Speyside 15-Year-Old Whisky

Like your whisky neat? Choose this 15-year-old Speyside designed to be enjoyed by itself (or perhaps with a little splash of water). It comes from the family-run Benromach distillery and has a deep flavour. Sherry aromas blend with vanilla pod, zesty orange and spicy ginger along with chamomile and menthol notes. To taste, it’s reminiscent of fruit cake with stewed plum, red apple skin and the tanginess of kiwi fruit.

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Tamdhu Batch Strength #6

The perfect festive gift or digestif for the yuletide season, this bottle contains notes of Christmas cake, cinnamon and dates. It’s Tamdhu’s sixth batch of this single malt strength and has been matured in Oloroso sherry casks, before being bottled at a whopping 56.8% ABV. As such, it’s sure to last you a while and will certainly keep you toasty on chilly nights.

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