Ardbeg Unveils Limited-Edition Port Cask Whisky Ardbeg Spectacular

Every year, on the last Saturday of Islay’s Festival of Music and Malt (Fèis Ìle), Ardbeg enthusiasts from around the globe gather to celebrate the rich legacy of this iconic distillery. This year, the festivities are poised to captivate like never before. On June 1st, Ardbeg Day will transform into a grand spectacle with the release of Ardbeg Spectacular, the distillery’s first-ever whisky aged exclusively in port casks.

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Ardbeg Spectacular is a testament to the distillery’s innovative spirit, featuring a unique blend of flavours that promise to dazzle the senses. Aged in port casks, this limited-edition whisky layers the robust peatiness of classic Ardbeg with an unexpected twist of mint, dark chocolate, and candied fruit, conjuring a sensory experience as thrilling as a circus performance. The rich, acrobatic notes are further complemented by the smoky undertones of incense candles and smoked pecans, making each sip an act of discovery.

Echoing the festive theme, Jackie Thomson, the Distillery Visitor Centre Manager and proclaimed Ringmaster Extraordinaire, is gearing up to host the “Dark Circus,” a one-day event that promises an extravaganza of peaty delights. The circus-themed celebration will extend beyond the distillery grounds, with local events planned worldwide to unite the global community of Ardbeg aficionados.

Ardbeg Spectacular is now available for purchase online at and through selected whisky specialists, including Master of Malt, priced at £110 and for further details on Ardbeg Day 2024 and the Ardbeg Spectacular, visit

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