Best Luxury Villas In Sifnos

Located in the heart of the Cyclades in the Greek Isles, with labyrinthine-esque alleys draped in bougainvillaea, pristine white buildings topped with azure domes, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, Sifnos offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of more tourist-heavy destinations in Greece. Renowned for its rich culinary heritage, including the famous pottery used in traditional Greek cooking, the island invites visitors to indulge in a feast for all the senses. Whether you’re exploring ancient monasteries, lounging on sun-drenched beaches, or savouring the local cuisine, Sifnos promises an enchanting escape steeped in authentic Cycladic culture. Here are our favourite luxury villas on the island.

Verina Villa

Verina Villa, an exquisite estate featuring three buildings with a total of eight bedrooms, and is an idyllic choice for a self-contained luxury holiday. Located in Vathi, one of the most picturesque beaches of Sifnos, this opulent retreat boasts tennis courts, a hammam, a swimming pool, and an array of water sports equipment like kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and snorkels, all ready to be taken out onto the nearby Vathi beach. A small yacht dock is also close by for those arriving by sea or wishing to explore the local coves, and a helicopter service and private chef service are also available upon request.  For a change of pace, take a leisurely walk to the delightful fishing village of Vathi, where charming cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops await your discovery.

Villa Poulati

Located in the serene hills of Sifnos within the Cyclades, Villa Poulati offers an idyllic retreat that blends traditional elegance with modern luxury. The villa accommodates up to 10 guests with five bedrooms and three bathrooms and is ideal for families or smaller groups seeking a tranquil escape. This stone-built sanctuary presents beautiful views of the sea and surrounding mountains, complemented by a lush Mediterranean garden. Exclusive amenities include a stunning outdoor pool and a full concierge service, ensuring guests receive a tailor-made service. The villa is well equipped for cooking up a feast at home, whilst the delights of local gastronomy can be enjoyed in the many Greek restaurants of Sifnos.

Villa Callas

Perched elegantly on the picturesque shores of Vathi in Sifnos, Villa Callas exudes a blend of traditional Sifnos charm and contemporary flair. With classic whitewashed walls and tan stones, this expansive villa features nine bedrooms with eight bathrooms and can accommodate up to 18 guests. The villa offers luxurious amenities such as a turquoise infinity pool, air conditioning, a tennis court, a hammam, and a fitness room. There is also a private path from the villa leading to one of the most picturesque beaches in Sifnos. The BBQ and outdoor terrace is well-equipped for a spot of alfresco dining whilst taking in breathtaking views and there are many traditional restaurants nearby to sample the local cuisine. Villa Callas is the ideal choice for large gatherings who wish to enjoy a relaxing and stylish Sifnos holiday.

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