Bladnoch Distillery Unveils The Wave – A New Limited-Edition Series Showcasing the Five Pillars of Whisky Making

Bladnoch, Scotland’s southernmost whisky distillery, has unveiled “The Wave,” the eagerly anticipated addition to the Master Distiller’s Collection. This five-part limited-edition series illustrates the intricate art of whisky cask marrying, with each annual release highlighting one of the five pillars of whisky-making as practised by master distiller, Dr. Nick Savage.

Launched on the 4th of June, the inaugural release, Wave I: Time & Maturation, embodies Bladnoch’s meticulous method of selecting casks at their peak maturation to ensure the finest flavours. This series marks a natural progression from the acclaimed Waterfall Series, which culminated with the release of Bladnoch Waterfall 05 2024 at the annual Waterfall Day festival in May.

To embark on The Wave journey, Dr. Nick Savage selected five 1,500-litre Amontillado sherry tuns. Each tun is filled with whiskies from various cask types to marry within the distillery’s historic 207-year-old bluestone warehouses. Each year, the cask types will be revealed, showcasing another pillar of Bladnoch whisky making. The remaining whisky will be decanted into the next year’s tun, creating a continuous thread and a “wave” effect throughout the series, culminating in the fifth and final release featuring elements from the entire collection.

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Under Dr. Savage’s expert care, the first Amontillado sherry tun used for Wave I: Time & Maturation was filled with a combination of exceptional ex-bourbon casks from Bladnoch’s maturing stocks, blended with the remaining whisky from Waterfall 05 2024. This innovative approach intertwines both series, forging an endless whisky voyage.

Each release in The Wave series will be accompanied by a music track that mirrors the whisky’s unique journey, symbolising how each cask imparts notes to the next, building year on year. The piano composition accompanying Wave I: Time & Maturation reflects the development of the whiskies over time.

Bottled at 53.8% ABV, non-chill filtered, and natural in colour, Wave I: Time & Maturation greets the nose with floral pine needles and fresh-cut oak, delivering notes of sweet oak and toasted coconut on the palate, with a sweet, warm, refreshing finish.

This edition is limited to 1,817 bottles, a nod to the distillery’s founding year, and has an RRSP of £150. It is available exclusively in the UK and Australia from

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