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  • Madagascar

    Best Luxury Hotels In Madagascar

    You’ve seen the film, now live the 4D reality. The world’s second-biggest island country is found off the coast of East Africa. Filled with indigenous tropical wildlife, endangered animals (it’s home…

  • Saidia

    Best Luxury Hotels In Saidia

    Described as the “Blue Pearl”, this glitzy town on the northeastern coast of Morocco is close to the Algerian border. It was built in the late 19th century under the direction…

  • Algiers

    Best Luxury Hotels In Algiers

    Capital of the North African country of Algeria, Algiers borders the Mediterranean sea. It was once under French colonial rule and is still infused with European influences, creating an eclectic vibe…

  • Egypt Giza

    Best Luxury Hotels In Giza

    This Nile-side city provides a convenient jumping-off point for the Pyramids and Sphinx. While many travellers automatically book a stay in the nearby hub of Cairo, it’s actually neighbouring Giza that’s…

  • Rabat

    Best Luxury Hotels In Rabat

    While Marrakesh has historically been the tourism capital of Morocco, Rabat has in fact been the nation’s capital since 1912. And it’s a relatively undiscover gem, in terms of the mainstream…

  • Cario Egypt Hotels

    Best Luxury Hotels In Cairo

    Travel to a magical land where the sounds a Muezzin’s calls to prayer echo through the air, intricate minarets dot the skyline and the air is warm and tropical. Cairo has…