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  • Jaipur

    Best Luxury Hotels In Jaipur

    Home to the maharajas, Jaipur was once dubbed the ‘pink city’, because of the buildings’ hues, painted under the order of Maharaja Ram Singh. This is the colour of hospitality, no…

  • Delhi India

    Best Luxury Hotels In Delhi

    Of great cultural, historical and political significance, Delhi is India’s largest city. It’s also one of the world’s oldest cities and became the nation’s capital in 1912 when the administrative power…

  • Agra

    Best Luxury Hotels In Agra

    Just over a 100 miles from India’s capital, lies the riverside city of Agra. And while the destination’s name may not be well known, its most significant monument, the Taj Mahal,…

  • Goa India

    Best Luxury Hotels In Goa

    This province is found in the west of India, where the Arabian sea meets the land. It has strong Mediterranean connections, as a former Portuguese colony, something that’s evidenced in the…

  • India

    Best Luxury Hotels In Mumbai

    So you’ve been yearning to explore the city of Seven Islands, also known as the Financial Capital of India and the Bollywood Gateway? Then a good starting point is to decide…