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  • Surakarta

    Best Luxury Hotels In Surakarta

    You’ll also hear this historic city called “Solo”. A royal capital, it’s found on the Indonesian island of Java and is the birthplace of the nation’s current president. Arts and crafts…

  • Surabaya

    Best Luxury Hotels In Surabaya

    This Indonesian city is Java’s most significant port. Its culture displays elements of its Dutch colonial past, but there’s also a buzzing Chinatown and an Arab Quarter, each providing its own…

  • Seminyak

    Best Luxury Hotels In Seminyak

    Whether you’re searching for a meditation and yoga retreat, an idyllic beach break, world-class dining, Balinese cultural experiences, or some unique nightlife, Seminyak is the place to be. The town is…

  • Bali

    Best Luxury Hotels In Nusa Dua

    Bukit Peninsula on Bali’s south coast is the setting for this resort, which translates as ‘two islands’ in Indonesian. It’s just 20 minutes from the airport and as Nusa Dua is…

  • Indonesia Jakarta

    Best Luxury Hotels In Jakarta

    Indonesia’s capital boasts some of the best nightlife and shopping (there are hundreds of malls) in Asia. Street food and markets provide a vibrant glimpse into local life and there is…

  • Asia Bali Hotels

    Best Luxury Hotels In Bali

    Famed for its indulgent, healing massage treatments, beaches, reefs and mountains, Bali is a true piece of paradise, offering the ultimate in luxury along with excellent value for money. Whether you…