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  • Burano

    Best Luxury Hotels In Burano

    Not to be confused with Murano, Burano is another island (or rather, set of four small islands connected via bridges) in the Venetian Lagoon. If arriving into Venice, take the Vaporetto…

  • Europe Venice

    Best Luxury Hotels In Venice

    ‘The Floating City’ contains 177 canals and 417 bridges which, combined with a feast of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture, make it one of the most picturesque places on the planet.…

  • Catania

    Best Luxury Hotels In Catania

    You perhaps won’t be familiar with the name of this destination, but you will be familiar with its imposing neighbour, Mount Etna. An ancient port city serving Sicily’s east coast, Catania…

  • Italy

    Best Luxury Hotels In Jesolo

    Over six million people come to this pocket of Venice each year; not to travel in a gondola or admire centuries-old artworks as the priority, but to bask on the beach.…

  • Italy Naples

    Best Luxury Hotels In Naples

    Unlike other tourist cities in Italy Naples isn’t a looker, but what it lacks in head-turning architecture it makes up for in other ways, one being it’s the home of pizza,…