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  • Montreal

    Best Luxury Hotels In Montreal

    There’s no better place to experience Canada’s French heritage, than Quebec’s premier city, the second most populated metropolis in the country after Toronto. The street cafes and bistros provide a foodie…

  • Canada North America

    Best Luxury Hotels In Canada

    The major players in Canada’s city break industry, are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – each presenting very different cultures and experiences for the transatlantic traveller. And the country’s vast mountainous areas…

  • Banff Canada

    Best Luxury Hotels In Banff

    First-time visitors are always struck by the sheer vibrancy of Banff’s colours – notably the vibrant lakes – and if you visit in the winter months (and you’re lucky) you may…

  • Whistler

    Best Luxury Hotels In Whistler

    High in the mountains of British Colombia, lies one of the biggest ski resorts in North American territory. The town itself is compact, made up primarily of chalets, with the kind…

  • Canada Destinations

    Best Luxury Hotels In Vancouver

    Framed against a dramatic natural backdrop, Vancouver is considered the real culinary capital of Canada. Whilst Toronto might make grand claims, Vancouver is serious about its eateries. The seafood here is…