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Dior Unveils a Luxurious Retreat for Wellness at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris

In a celebration of luxury and tranquillity, Dior introduces its reimagined spa located within the iconic Hôtel Plaza Athénée in the heart of Paris. This haven of well-being, designed to be the ultimate sanctuary, now boasts a special suite dedicated to the transformative power of light therapy.

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Since inaugurating its inaugural spa at the Plaza Athénée in 2008, Dior has continually transformed the 400-square-meter space on Avenue Montaigne into an ultra-private oasis, shielding visitors from the rigours of urban life. The spa, with its renewed emphasis on a warm and serene ambience, coupled with cutting-edge treatments, has undergone multiple renovations over the years. The redesign draws inspiration from the hotel’s archways, utilising a pale and enveloping décor that showcases wood, stone, and other natural materials.

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A noteworthy addition to the spa’s repertoire is the extraordinary Dior Light Suite, a treatment room inspired by light therapy. Featuring a ceiling capable of replicating the sun’s rays, this innovative space aims to resynchronize the body’s rhythms and restore energy. An exclusive gem within the realm of luxury Parisian hotels, the Plaza Athénée’s best-kept secret promises an unparalleled experience. Complementing this, Dior introduces new treatments, including the bespoke Dior Privé Sur Demande personalized treatments.

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True to its avant-garde spirit in fashion, Dior extends its pioneering vision to the realms of well-being and beauty. The new Dior Spa Plaza Athénée, a private luxury refuge, elevates the concept of well-being to unparalleled heights, extending a sublime invitation to unwind and rejuvenate.