Introducing Ardbeg Fon Fhòid – A Truly Groundbreaking Whisky

Ardbeg has released a limited-edition whisky that has been buried in a peat bog for over two years. This is the first time the distillery has done something like this. The whisky called Ardbeg Fon Fhòid (Scots Gaelic for ‘under the turf’) has an earthy, mossy, and herbal taste, and the whisky is being launched as an NFT (nonfungible token) edition.

Ardbeg has been around for a long time (established in 1815) and it’s known for being peaty and smoky. The idea of taking it back to its roots had been in the mind of Ardbeg’s Director of Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden, for years. Ardbeg Fon Fhòid was created by taking two casks of whisky aged in secondfill bourbon casks and burying them in a secret, peaty location near the Ardbeg Distillery. The team, led by then Distillery Manager Mickey Heads, dug up the casks two years and 10 months later.

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Dr Bill said: “I think it’s safe to say we’ve unearthed a truly special Ardbeg here. Ardbeg Fon Fhòid is earthy and mossy with one hell of a herbal nose! Good luck to all those hoping to secure some of Ardbeg’s own buried treasure – I hope you land a bottle!”

Ardbeg Fon Fhòid‘s limited release of 456 bottles will be available to purchase exclusively on on April 19th, 2022. BlockBar offers NFTs digital assets directly from luxury wine and spirits brands and store the real thing carefully. Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on the whisky will receive a digital certificate that verifies their ownership and the authenticity of the bottle, which will be stored at BlockBar‘s facility in Singapore until redeemed. The buyer may also choose to trade their NFT safely within the marketplace, keep it in their virtual bar, or gift the NFT through BlockBar‘s new gifting platform.

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