Santorini Sky Takes Luxury To New Heights On Santorini Island

Santorini Sky is a new boutique luxury resort on the island of Santorini. Made up of eight magnificent private villas perched atop the mountainside and looking out to the Aegean Sea.

Santorini Sky gazes out across the island from the top of Prophet Elias Mountain. It’s the highest point on Santorini, at 2,000 feet above sea level. Each villa features sensational panoramic views, indoor and outdoor showers, and a private terrace with jacuzzi plunge pool. The Master Villa even boasts the highest infinity pool on this famously beautiful island.

The attention to detail and thoughtful touches throughout the property raise the bar of luxury on the island, all while promoting sustainable tourism in this bucket-list destination.

Santorini Sky enjoys a unique position in the centre of the island. Away from the often-overcrowded main tourist spots, this is the place to come for the utmost in privacy and relaxation. While guests will feel on top of the world, the villas are just a five-minute drive from the winding streets, local shops and famous tavernas of Pyrgos. Situated an easy 15-minute drive from the airport, Santorini Sky is also only 15 minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the island, and 30 minutes from the picture-perfect town of Oia.

Developing the five hectare property on the side of a mountain fell to renowned architect Vassilis Zorzos. He grew up on Santorini, not far from the location of the hotel. He wanted to create something truly special and different that would seamlessly blend into the landscape. Vassilis was also committed to using local materials wherever possible. The limestone bedrock excavated on the land now forms the stonework at the property. Local Greek marble created the luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, and indigenous plants make up the extensive landscaping.

From the beginning, Santorini Sky was dedicated to limiting environmental impact wherever possible. From eco-friendly Greek bath products to rugs made from recycled water bottles, every detail has been considered. There’s a fruit and vegetable garden to help create seasonal breakfasts for the guests, and even the rainwater is collected in tanks to be reused on the property.

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Santorini Sky works extremely closely with the local community to help provide the most authentic experience, and create opportunities for local businesses. Guests are given the option to customise their holiday before they arrive, selecting from a range of locally-sourced products and services. Once on the island, Santorini Sky has a trusted network of partners, so whether guests want a massage, a bottle of local wine or an authentic Greek meal, there’s someone locally who can help.

Santorini Sky could not be any better positioned to support the eventual return of tourism, especially with the new trends that have emerged. With an unwavering focus on safety, service, seclusion and privacy, the villas will be a welcome haven for those who want to travel with purpose. Santorini Sky will remain passionately committed to supporting the community, protecting the environment, and creating the very best luxurious getaway.

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