The Alpina Gstaad – An Ethereal Wonderland Where Alpine Splendour Meets Eclectic Luxury

Imbued with an awe-inspiring blend of traditional Swiss charm and eclectic modernity, The Alpina Gstaad offers a dazzling retreat perched in the heart of the exclusive Oberbort. From its stunning mountain vistas to the Michelin-starred flavours and sumptuously appointed spa, this sanctuary invites a luxurious escape into the serene majesty of the Bernese Alps. Misbaah Mansuri checks into this postcard-worthy paradise.

Stepping into The Alpina Gstaad is like being enveloped in what feels like a fairy tale setting on five acres in Oberbort, the exclusive hilltop area of the village which is in Saanenland, cradled by the majestic Bernese Alps. This idyllic retreat combines traditional Swiss charm with modern sophistication, far beyond its prestigious hilltop location. Merely a 10-minute amble from the quaint main street, the hotel stands as a sentinel over the picturesque meadows and rugged mountains that define Gstaad—serving as a beckoning gateway to the myriad of winter sports and summer adventures that lie in wait.

First Impression

The air here, crisp and laden with the scent of pine and fresh snow, sets an awe-inspiring backdrop against which The Alpina Gstaad reveals its grandeur. As I made my way through the property, every step offered a scenic vista, a postcard-perfect panorama that shifted with the light of day, from the soft hues of dawn to the fiery spectacle of sunset. The hotel, while echoing the architectural vernacular of the region with its timber facade and balconies cascading with blooms, boldly asserts its contemporary essence the moment you cross its threshold.

Inside, The Alpina Gstaad transcends the expected, blending the warmth of Alpine hospitality with the sleekness of modern luxury. The lobby, a harmonious meld of stone and wood, greets guests with a welcoming glow, leading into spaces adorned with modern art that contrast with the traditional exteriors. This juxtaposition continues as you discover the hidden gems within—like the cutting-edge cinema, a nod to nostalgia with its vintage popcorn maker amid the latest in audio-visual technology.

The Rooms

Accommodations at The Alpina Gstaad are swish, characterised by strong attention to detail in the chalet-style decor—complete with timber walls, hand-painted furniture, and fireplaces. I love how they melded glossy contemporary style with the warmth of alpine tradition. Each room and suite, wrapped in the comforting embrace of pine features its own balcony, presenting vistas of the Alpine landscape—views so captivating that the hustle and bustle of the outside world simply melted away.

The attention to detail in the design was remarkable. My room featured a red-leather desk that added a pop of colour against the natural wood, while banks of windows flooded the space with light, framing the mountain scenery in a living portrait. The antique Swiss farmhouse armoire added a touch of rustic charm, complemented by the modernity of glass pendant lamps beside the bed, whimsically designed to resemble bulbous cowbells. It was these thoughtful touches that infused the room with character and charm.

Stepping onto the balcony, I was greeted with a prime mountain view perch that became my favourite spot to breathe in the crisp Alpine air and soak in the serene beauty of Gstaad. It was a peaceful retreat where the grandeur of nature was always in all its glory.

The bathroom was a haven of luxury, anchored by a deep-soaking tub that promised relaxation after a day of exploring. The Alpina Gstaad offers a range of room categories to suit various needs and preferences, from the cosy 355-square-foot Deluxe Rooms to the more spacious Junior Suites, Deluxe Suites, and the opulent Grand Luxe Suites. My favourite accommodation, however, is the two-story, 4,305-square-foot Panorama Suite featuring stellar vistas of alpine peaks from its private spa equipped with a sauna, whirlpool, and hammam.


F&B options at the property are ravishing serving up offerings where freshness and craftsmanship take centre-stage. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Martin Göschel, the Michelin-starred Sommet by Martin Göschelrestaurant delights diners with a globally inspired tasting menu. We love the inclusion of exquisite dishes like saddle of lamb or poached oysters, alongside a specially curated menu for vegetarians that tantalisingly tease our taste buds.

For enthusiasts of the region’s beloved melted cheese dishes, the Swiss Stübli offers a warm, wooden-walled ambience where raclette and fondue, made with ingredients from local artisanal farms, are the stars of the show. The Cigar Lounge presents an impressive spectacle, designed to captivate even non-smokers. To capture the essence of Havana, the designers were sent to Cuba for inspiration, resulting in a space adorned with polished dark wood, tufted leather seating, and a walk-in humidor, all contributing to its nostalgic allure. We loved the new Japanese Whisky Bar across the hall, which serves rare bottles in a moodily lit space.


The Alpina doesn’t just rest on its aesthetic laurels; it’s a treasure trove of amenities. Whether basking in the summer sun by the outdoor pool or enjoying the expansive indoor pool in the chill of winter, each moment here feels like an escape. For a hotel with just 56 bedrooms, suites and 2 residences, The Alpina Gstaad is flush with amenities. An outdoor pool is the resort’s focal point come summer; a generously proportioned indoor pool in winter. The Six Senses Spa offers a diverse wellness experience, highlighted by a unique ‘healing grotto’ lined with bricks of dusty-pink Himalayan salt, in addition to the traditional saunas and steam rooms for a comprehensive rejuvenation. Guests also have the benefit of daily complimentary fitness classes, enhancing the spa’s holistic approach to health and wellness.

We tried the sound healing session, led by Pascal, which was something else. The soothing tones and resonances filled the room, enveloping us in a cocoon of sound that seemed to resonate deep within, facilitating a profound sense of inner peace and balance. Following the sound healing, we tried the Six Senses Signature couple’s massage. Our therapist’s adept touch and intuitive approach to massage therapy were incredible, lulling us into a trance of sorts.

Final Thoughts

The property, an elevated retreat enveloped by the Swiss Alps, displays a traditional exterior that belies its array of progressive restaurants, exceptional facilities and cosseting rooms – the property is deservedly regarded as one of the region’s most impressive hotels. Service, too, is assured and efficient. I also love how the design team has done a good job of endowing a superficially conservative property with pleasing progressive elements, and The Alpina Gstaad certainly does feel like one of Gstaad’s more forward-thinking properties. There is an incredible natural high that comes from being surrounded by the great spirit of the palace. It is being polished, primed and opened up with reverence; so too are you. There are few better places on earth to be rocked into your whole and most exuberant self.

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