The Glenrothes Debuts ‘The 42’ Limited Release of 1,134 Bottles

The Glenrothes has unveiled The 42, a rare limited-edition single malt whisky that has been crafted from hand-selected casks, matured for over four decades in the distillery’s Highland home.

Master Whisky Maker Laura Rampling has chosen four casks that have reached a pinnacle of flavour, showcasing the changing colours of the Rothes landscape and a vibrant flavour profile. Distinctive aromas of sun-ripened apricots, sugared almonds, orange peel and coriander seed mingle with creamy vanilla, honeycomb and fragrant orange oil on the palate, with a lingering aromatic finish. The colourful, contoured packaging is reflective of the Rothes terrain.

Laura Rampling explains that this 42 year old whisky “epitomises the character of The Glenrothes distillery. These four casks have taken our spirit on a journey of maturation over more than four decades, refining the original delicate and fruity character of our new make spirit without overpowering it. Part science, part alchemy and a little bit of magic, the result is a beautifully elegant whisky that truly allows the bright and vibrant character of The Glenrothes to sing.”

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About The Glenrothes

For over 140 years, The Glenrothes distillery in Rothes has been carefully crafting remarkable single-malt Scotch whisky. Drawing from five local water sources, our spirit is distilled in tall, elegant stills and matured in sherry seasoned oak casks from the Jerez region of Spain. Our whisky is made with expertise and integrity and is a pleasure to explore and enjoy.

About The 42

The 42 is an ABV 43% natural cask-driven whisky with a 700ml volume. It has a sun-ripened apricot, orange peel and sugared almond aroma with notes of coriander seed and nutmeg, and a richly sweet taste of brown sugar, honeycomb, vanilla and orange oil. The finish is creamy, sweet and velvety with a gentle lingering fragrance. Just 1,134 bottles of The 42 are available worldwide with an RRP of £6,750, and can be purchased from Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and The Whisky Shop beginning on 15th March.

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