The Michelin Star Restaurants of Seville

The Andalucian capital is one of the best places to discover authentic Spanish culture. Set away from the mainstream tourist traps of the costas, the inland nature of Seville ensures it attracts discerning visitors, keen to immerse in local history and local flavours. Remember that meal times run a little later here, with leisurely lunches from around 2 to 4 pm and dinner around 9 (restaurants rarely open before 8 pm). And if you’re wondering where to eat in Seville, we recommend you make reservations at these Michelin-starred establishments.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered a fishmonger (albeit a very polished one) here. And that’s the idea. Cañabota employs a simple decor to place the focus on the food, specifically the Atlantic coast seafood. Found beside the Capilla de San Andrés, the eatery has a gastro-bar ambience, ideal for those keen on fine food, but not formality. Diners can sit indoors, outside on the small terrace, or at the fishmonger-style counter, to feast on the freshest king prawns, razor clams and calamari. Cañabota is open Tuesday through to Saturday.


Prior to 2022 (when Cañabota received its star), this was the only Michelin-awarded restaurant in town. Secured by Chef Julio Fernández, Abantal’s star comes from its adventurous pairing of seasonal local ingredients. The avant-garde seven-course degustation tasting menu is the highlight, with courses such as wild mushrooms with truffled egg yolk, red tuna cheek with pepper jelly and beef sirloin with leek and goat’s cheese gratin making appearances. Abantal takes its name from the old Castilian word meaning “apron” and features an open-kitchen within a striking, yet simple modern dining room.

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