Zuma Capri: A Culinary Journey to Japan’s Delights on the Enchanting Island of Capri

Zuma Capri has become the latest addition to the vibrant summer scene on the enchanting island of Capri. This exquisite destination brings a touch of Japan to the renowned island, courtesy of Co-founder and Creator Rainer Becker’s world-renowned contemporary izakaya concept. Perched atop the elegant Capri Palace Jumeirah, Zuma Capri offers unparalleled vistas of Ischia and the sparkling Gulf of Naples.

Prepare to savour Zuma’s signature menu, featuring culinary delights such as the succulent marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf and the indulgent roasted lobster with shiso ponzu butter. Alongside these classics, Zuma Capri presents a range of exclusive dishes inspired by Capri’s famed fragrant lemons. Indulge in tantalizing offerings like sliced lobster with Capri lemon and oscietra caviar, the delectable Capri Lemon Mochi for dessert, and the refreshing Kakigori lemon cocktail.

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As the sun begins its descent, Zuma Capri offers a sunset experience like no other on the island. From 7 pm to 9 pm, guests can revel in the breathtaking views while enjoying Zuma’s twist on aperitivo-style cocktails and a light bar menu with hot and cold small plates. The bar and lounge area boasts high-top tables, ensuring an unobstructed panoramic view of the captivating sunset, elevated on the hotel’s rooftop.

Zuma’s legacy began in London in 2002, and it has since flourished, with restaurants now gracing 22 destinations worldwide. The arrival of Zuma Capri marks the esteemed brand’s third establishment in Italy, following Rome (established in 2016) and the seasonal pop-up restaurant in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, which made its debut in 2022 and returns this year for a second season.

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Website: zumarestaurant.com

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