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Avant’s New Fifth Element: A Fragrance to Share

The Avant Skincare logo incorporates its philosophy of the four elements of nature, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Now the brand introduces their fifth element – and the last step of your beauty regime – fragrance. Featuring four exquisite scents, this modern fragrance collection has been designed with everyone in mind.

The complementary element

Fragrance fosters assertive self-expression, helping the wearer to develop a positive relationship with their beauty regime and realise their full potential. Respect for people, traditions and for the environment is integral to Avant Skincare’s ethos. The newly launched Avant Skincare fragrance-to-share™ collection aims to further blur the division between genders, prioritising personal olfactory preference over gender-based selections. The collection is also proudly PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Persian Sunset Eau De Parfum

Persian Sunset demonstrates the perfect harnessing of exotic elegance. It would be impossible not to feel the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes when spritzing this delightfully warming fragrance. Its alluring orange/yellow colour represents that of the most gorgeous sunset. In its top notes, you will discover a sweet burst of red berries combined with the sharp citrus pang of juicy oranges and bergamot. Be it a fruity cocktail or a fresh fruit salad, it is certain to evoke tantalizing taste memories. Caramel and everlasting flower come together to create the luxurious heart of Persian Sunset. You can almost feel the most gorgeous silk glide along your skin as you spritz it, the perfect balance of sweet and floral richness. A woody base is created by tonka bean and sandalwood, with a hint of sweetness coming from vanilla. Persian Sunset is certain to tease all your senses and create a synaesthetic experience.

Ambuscade Eau De Parfum

The first in the new range is this deep fruity fragrance, its rich red colour representing strength and passion. With a hint of spice and a spritz of Ambuscade, it’s suitable for occasions all year round. In the warm summer, it is the first sip of the coolest berry cocktail touching your lips. In the cold winter, it is the warmest spiced concoction by the fire. A berry fresh sweetness lingers on your skin all day long, mingling with the warming spice of peppercorn, a well rounded top note and a unique wild raspberry scent, reminiscent of those found on long walks through the forest. Nutmeg adds a gorgeous woody feel, while violet, deep in the base notes, brings a floral finish to the delicate balance of scents found within Ambuscade.

Pure Emerald Eau De Parfum

The name reflects the deep shade of green seen in this parfum. Evoking the feel of a secluded glade bejewelled with wildflowers or the sweetest cotton candy cloud at the seaside, this fragrance will transport you, and those around you to new places. Top notes of golden caramelised apple are balanced by gentle green notes, bringing a delicate freshness to the aroma. But there are also floral notes, with a headline of rose, along with smooth vanilla. This is contrasted by woody base notes of patchouli, musk and cedar, adding a beautiful warmth to the fragrance.

Caress Eau De Parfum

Finally, Caress brings a fragrance designed to unify the senses. So named as it has the sensuality of a gentle touch, it combines the exoticism of orchid (representing love, beauty and strength) with the comfort of high-quality cashmere gliding over the skin. Top notes of ripe peach and white flowers achieve a summery, sunny feel. This is combined with mellow hints of vanilla, earthy tones of cedarwood and white musk. A pale pink coloured liquid resembles that of early sunrises on a balmy day.

The four exquisite new scents are available to buy via Avant’s website and through partner stockists.