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Axia: The World’s First Extra-Dry Mastiha Spirit   

Making its debut in the US, UK and Greece, Axia is the world’s first-ever extra dry Mastiha spirit — and it forms an entirely new spirit category. 

Made using resin from the Mastiha tree

The natural resin of the Mastiha tree can only be harvested on the island of Chios (the UNESCO-protected ‘snake island’ in the Aegean Sea) and it’s from this special matter that Axia is distilled. ‘Axia’ comes from the Greek word ‘value’ in Greek, which seemed appropriate in reference to the Mastiha tree. For centuries, mastic resin – known locally as the tears of Chios – has been extracted from the Mastiha tree. Lauded for its sweet floral scent and antioxidant healing qualities, it has also been used as a component of traditional Greek cuisine and contemporary culinary culture – as an ingredient in everything from bread baking and patisserie to meat and fish marinades.  

A unique process

The cultivation of mastic is a traditional and sustainable practice that is both time and labour intensive. The tree is ‘milked’ and left to dry in the wind, forming mastic crystals that are collected, cleaned and graded by hand. A month long process of maceration, distillation and ageing process forms Axia’s premium, unsweetened and velvety flavour.

Generations of spirit know-how

Axia Spirit Founders Adrian Clarke and Nikos Kalogiannis travelled the world seeking the unique flavour experience. Clarke is a seventh generation member of the Bacardi family with extensive experience in distillation and Kalogiannis is a fifth-generation Greek Ouzo distiller. With a shared desire to create high quality liquid for modern consumption patterns, they spent three years experimenting and drawing out the flavour of the rare Mastiha tree, before setting on their current recipe. 

One-of-a-kind taste 

Tony Chvala, Axia Spirit CEO said of the launch: “We are excited to introduce Axia to the global market. Innovation has changed every aspect of our lives, and for a long time we were stuck with the same spirit categories, it was too risky, too time-consuming,  too difficult to break free of the existing boundaries. Axia offers a novel experience,  a new spirit category for consumers who are looking for flavour, depth, complexity and excitement in a drink. We are thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind taste to a new generation of flavour chasers and spirits enthusiasts.” 

Axia has an aromatic nose that combines the delicate scents of fresh-cut grass, rose water and dried orange peel. Earthy pine and cedar are balanced with velvety bergamot, cypress and citrus notes on the palate. Bottled at 40% ABV Axia contains only 0.5% sugar, with no additives or sweeteners. Enjoy your beverage served in a tall glass over ice, with Mediterranean tonic water and a flourish of rosemary leaf, star anise and peppercorns for garnish.

Axia Spirit is priced at £32.00 (40%, 700cl) and can be purchased from select partners – Masters of  Malt & The Whiskey Exchange.