Berry Bros. & Rudd Unveils Refreshed Classic Single Malt Whiskies Collection

Berry Bros. & Rudd, the UK’s oldest wine and spirits merchant, recently announced an exciting update to their esteemed ‘Classic Single Malt Whiskies’ range. This latest refinement not only enriches their existing lineup but also reaffirms their dedication to blending tradition with innovation.

The revamped Classic Range now includes new age statements, a first for the collection, enhancing its appeal to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Each whisky in this selection embodies the unique characteristics of its origin, matured in specially chosen casks to meet exacting standards set by Spirits Curator Felix Dear.

Highlighting the update is the introduction of two new whiskies from the Speyside region. The Speyside Traditional Cask 16-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky offers a complex yet approachable profile, while the Speyside Sherry Cask 12-Year-Old brings a luxurious depth with its indulgent, flavourful notes.

Alongside these new offerings, the range continues to feature the Islay Traditional Cask, known for its soft peat smoke and intricate fruity palate, and the Irish Reserve from the iconic Great Northern distillery in Dundalk, which is celebrated for its vibrant, grassy, and herbaceous notes.

Tasting Notes:

  • Speyside Sherry Cask 12 Year Old: A deep and brooding whisky with a rich texture. Aromas of sun-dried fruits and baking spices lead to a palate of spiced fruit cake and honey toast, with finishing notes of brown sugar, orange, and dark chocolate.
  • Speyside Traditional Cask 16 Year Old: This whisky features a blend of butterscotch and hazelnut with hints of dried flowers and wood bark. Its honeyed sweetness evolves to reveal a deepening character, making it a refined choice for discerning palates.
  • Islay Traditional Cask: Characterized by soft peat smoke, it offers a complex profile with smoky aromas and green orchard fruits on the palate, ending with a sweet smoky finish.
  • Irish Reserve: Fresh and invigorating with grassy and herbaceous notes, the Irish Reserve opens with custard cream and zesty lime, leading to a creamy palate of vanilla and soft fruits.

Berry Bros. & Rudd traces its origins back to 1698, starting as an Italian grocer in London. Over the centuries, it shifted focus towards wines and spirits, establishing itself as Britain’s oldest independent spirits bottler. Today, Berry Bros. & Rudd continues to offer an unparalleled selection of spirits, upholding a legacy of quality that spans more than three centuries.

These whiskies are designed to be versatile, ideal for sipping, pairing with food, or even experimenting in cocktails. The collection is now available at Berry Bros. & Rudd’s website ( and selected retailers.

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