Discover a Taste of the Italian Riviera With NIO Cocktails

NIO brings a new collection of four limited-edition classic cocktails, launched in August 2021 through an exclusive collaboration with Portofino Dry Gin.

Premium ready-to-sip cocktails inspired by Portofino’s rugged hills

Encapsulating the timeless elegance of La Dolce Vita, these four gin cocktails were inspired by the tastes and sensations of Portofino’s hillsides (read our hotel guide to Portofino). Indigenous Ligurian flavours such as citrus, berries and aromatic herbs, awaken the senses, transporting the imbiber to the idyllic Mediterranean coast.

NIO Cocktails Master Mixologist (and founder of Drink Kong, a World’s Top 50 Bar), Patrick Pistolesi, has long been hugely influential over cocktail culture worldwide. And these recipes pay homage to his time spent on the beautiful Italian Riviera. He says: “Being half Italian myself, I have always enjoyed working with classic Italian flavours in drinks. Some of the world’s most classic cocktails hail from Italy, and I wanted to bring the elegance and passion of Italy into the homes of our customers through this exclusive collection of authentic cocktails celebrating new flavours, friends and experiences found along the way.”

The Gimlet Portofino – light, bright and warm

Sage, zesty lemon and warming ginger transform the classic Gimlet into a refreshing, herbaceous delight.

“Having roots in Italy with my father hailing from Rome, I’m delighted to bring you this collection of cocktails inspired by a part of the world that is very close to my heart. We start our journey along the Portofino coastline with a twist on the classic Gimlet. Vegetal and refreshing notes of sage, lemon and ginger liqueur are delicately balanced with the rich botanicals of Portofino Dry Gin. A fragrant cocktail perfect for summer sipping. Don’t forget to garnish with a fresh sage leaf.” Says Pistolesi.

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The Caffé in Piazza – sophisticated and full-bodied

Rich and complex, this is based on the much loved 1980’s cocktail, the Martinez. Allspice contrasts sweet Cocchi Vermouth beautifully balances the robust espresso flavours in Fair Liqueur, creating an elegant evening cocktail.

Patrick Pistolesi comments: “Caffe’ in Piazza is inspired by long afternoons spent sitting in Piazza Martiri dell’ Olivetta (the main square in front of the luxurious mega yachting harbour of Portofino). An idyllic spot to imbibe aperitivo and digestivo alike, this cocktail combines rich espresso liqueur with spicy Rosso Vermouth for a punchy tipple, best served with an orange twist.”

Negroni Portofinoaromatic & herbal 

A summery take on the ultimate aperitivo, this swaps out Campari and red vermouth for Cocchi Bianco and Luxardo White Bitter. The result is a distinct, herbal alternative to the traditional Negroni, with a hint of juicy orchard fruit.

Pistolesi comments: “As one of Italy’s most famous cocktails, I had to include a Negroni in this collection but, of course, with a slight twist! Imbued by the fact that in Italy, an Aperitivo is a way to open our appetite to new flavours, experiences, moments and ideas, this Negroni is white, fresh, and generous with aromatic and herbal botanicals. Although a simple cocktail consisting of only three ingredients, Negroni Portofino allows Portofino Dry Gin to shine, and balanced lavender and bitter lemon botanicals sit delicately on the palate. Like life, this cocktail is designed to be savoured.”

Bramble – sweet and tart, indulgent and refreshing

Designed to evoke the ambience of an Italian sunset, this cocktail strikes an ideal balance. Its i ingredients: aromatic orange peel, plump blackcurrants, rosemary and lavender are reminiscent of peaceful days on the Mediterranean coast.

Patrick Pistolesi says of this new beverage: “This daring twist on a classic will whisk you away to the blissful vista of Portofino promontory (a point of high land that juts out into the sea). Reminiscent of the diversified flora of the Ligurian coast, jewelled blackcurrants meet with bittersweet Cointreau for an elegant and luxurious cocktail. Salute!”

Experience and explore these tantalising flavours for yourself. The collection is available online now from for £29, including delivery.

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