Emirates EK 370 Business Class Dubai to Bangkok Review

Would you like more champagne sir are the only words I want to hear when I travel and thankfully those words are part of the Emirates Business class vocabulary as I discovered on my recent Dubai to Bangkok business class flight.

Pre Boarding

Dubai Airport is the main hub for Emirates meaning that the airport is completely geared up for business and first class travel. I left from Terminal 3 which has a number of business class lounges to relax in.

If you are entering the airport at Dubai there is a separate business and first class entrance so you can very quickly pass through customs. I travelled from Glasgow to Dubai and had a stop-off in Dubai, so I used the business entrance to access the airport.

The lounges (there are separate first class and business lounges) run along the upper level of the terminal and you look down over the main concourse. The lounge I used was huge and split into different areas – work, relax, quiet, rest as well as a bar and large dining area.

Food in the dining room is presented in different ranges; salads, hot food, sweets and breads. I took a selection of salads (artichoke, greens, hummus with some flatbread) the hot food was mainly meat orientated which I can’t eat, but it did look delicious.

For drinks they serve wines, all spirits you can think of,  Moet champagne, soft drinks and tea and coffee. I took Moet and a glass of Voss mineral water. After that I had a selection of cakes and coffee.

The lounge has free wifi as you would expect and the one thing that makes all the difference… access to showers so you can freshen up, which is amazing after a long flight and you are already feeling jetlagged.


The Flight

Boarding is quick and you have a separate airwalk entrance onto the plane and you are checked in before other people. You are quickly settled into your seat and offered a glass of champagne (which I would never refuse).

The Seat

Seats on this flight (Boeing 777-300ER) not one of the Airbus A380’s in business are in the formation of 2-3-2.  (you can see the layout on Seatguru). If you are travelling on your own then I would recommend taking one of the outside seats in the middle three formations and then you will have less chance of having someone climbing over you which will happen if you take a seat in either of the 2 formations.

Seats recline right back into beds and even being 6’4 I was still able to stretch right out. there is a large TV in front of you with a pocket and a water bottle.

You have a reading lamp, noise cancelling headphones and there is also a wireless touchscreen remote to control everything once you have taken off.

The Flight and Food

Before takeoff staff come around and take your cocktail order (I had a bloody mary), which they serve once the flight is off the ground. Wine is served with dinner and there are after dinner drinks too.

For food there are three courses, I opted for a vegetarian mezze and salad to start, I then had a vegetarian curry for mains and then a cheese board for dessert, which was huge.

(this picture didn’t turn out too well, either turbulence or my hand after my 4th drink made a mess of the plate)


I was completely stuffed when I had finished eating and was into my 4th episode of the Fargo boxset on the ICE entertainment system so was slowly drifing off. A member of staff came over and made my seat into a bed (fully 180 flat), which has a soft mattress that goes over it and super soft pillow and duvet. The rest of the flight was taken care of by sleeping and I woke up as they were about to make their descent.

The Other Extras

Some other little extras you get with a business flight – chaffer to the airport up to 70km from the airport, which is ideal for me as they will pick you up from Edinburgh and take you to Glasgow airport.

Access to the premium customs lane once you arrive at your destination to save time at customs.

The TLE Verdict

I love Emirates and have been a frequent flyer with them for many years. I think the service and price point cannot be matched by other airlines I have flown with.  The downside as some people will point out is that for routes to Asia it does take longer than flying direct from Heathrow as you need to change at Dubai. As I am based in Scotland I find it more convenient to leave via Glasgow than get myself down to London first and I quite like the journey being broken up as well.

The Price

Internet prices on the Emirates website for business class from Dubai to Bangkok are £1627 return.

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