Enjoy Long-lasting Hair Fragrance with ARRAN’s After the Rain NEW Hair Care Range

The beauty industry is enjoying an emerging trend as hair fragrance is the sense of the season so the product development team at ARRAN has devised a formula to ensure that the same long-lasting fresh fragrance found in ARRAN’s s After the Rain shower gel and body lotion is offered to users of this new shampoo and conditioner.

Notes of sandalwood, rose and lime are expertly blended to create the light, invigorating and energising fragrance that was designed to emulate the feeling of an Arran garden after a rain shower. The fragrance continues to be a best-seller year after year so is the natural choice for the new range of shampoo and conditioner.

With more time being spent at home during the periods of lockdown people have invested time in developing healthier habits and this extends to hair care too. This presented the perfect opportunity for ARRAN to add a new shampoo and conditioner to their range of hair care products – all of which are made with a decadent formula enriched with essential oils for extra moisture. ARRAN’s shampoo and conditioner contain Pro-Vitamin B5 to help nourish the scalp, lock in moisture, and leave hair feeling bright and gorgeously glossy.

Andrew Russell, Sales & Marketing Director at ARRAN Sense of Scotland said:

“After the Rain has been our best-selling fragrance for many years. It has built up a loyal following since it was launched over two decades ago and has become synonymous with our brand. Our customers always comment on how unique and recognisable After the Rain is, unlike anything else they can find! And it really does embody that refreshing feeling you get from being out in nature after a rain shower.”


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