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During our recent stay at Rockliffe Hall, (read our review here) we were kindly invited to try out a new* facial treatment – new not only to Rockliffe Spa but new to the UK too! 

The treatment in question is FACE SPAce which Rockliffe Hall, in partnership with award-winning skincare specialist [Comfort Zone], will launch the first FACE SPAce outside of Italy where the concept originated. 

The FACE SPAce concept features a selection of ‘active lifting’ facial treatments that have been inspired by physiotherapy practices to work deeper into the facial muscles to release tension and stimulate collagen production. The treatments also use proven facial tools including cryo spoons, gua sha, jade stones, derma-massage rollers and micro sonic and microcurrent devices which promote cellular metabolism. All of which work together to boost micro-circulation and improve elasticity – and the best bit is that these treatments deliver instant results. 

Read on to discover my verdict……

My therapist, Rachel F (F for Fabulous!) warmly greeted me and took me along to the Spa Boutique where my FACE SPAce treatment would take place. This took me by surprise as I’d expected to be escorted to a subdued candlelit treatment room, however, Rachel explained that the FACE SPAce concept is designed to be more interactive and present a modern take on traditional style facial treatments. 

I made myself comfortable in the specially designed treatment chair which was positioned in front of a full-length mirror making it easy to see and hear Rachel, who talked me through each step in the treatment process. 

There is a choice of five different treatments, each of which lasts 55 minutes: 

  • Pump-Up: Improves the appearance of wrinkles, increases firmness, and instantly lifts. 
  • Calm & Soothe: A restorative facial to reduce visible signs of stressed skin and strengthen the skin barrier. 
  • Ultra-Glow: Delivers instant radiance, improving the appearance and texture of skin. 
  • Detox & Tone: Brightens, smooths and promotes an even skin tone. 
  • Ice Splash: An immediate dose of hydration for plumpness and a dewy complexion.

I opted for the Ultra-Glow treatment which started with a soothing neck massage, the micro sonic sensory device tickled a bit and felt like I was having a shave – Rachel explained that this helps with cell renewal, unclogs the pores, and gives an ultra-deep cleanse. I absolutely loved the gua sha tools which gave a deep and firm massage. 

Rachel worked on one side of my face first and then asked me to look in the mirror to compare it to the other ‘untreated’ side and see if I could notice a difference. 

Drum roll……

WOW! I could instantly see a marked difference. I couldn’t believe it. My ‘treated’ half looked so smooth and was visibly glowing. Another aspect that surprised me, was how relaxed I felt (something that I struggle to do), I thought that by being seated in a chair in a light room it wouldn’t be very relaxing, but I was proved wrong. And another benefit of this set-up is that you could do it with a friend, when I visited two treatment chairs were positioned next to one another.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I’d recommend it if you want to look your best for a special occasion and Rachel F (F for fabulous!!) really lived up to her name 😉

TLE Tip: The treatments require you to pull down your robe to expose the neckline and shoulders so best to wear a swimsuit under your robe. 

Also, it’s recommended to leave at least 20 minutes before getting your face wet and to avoid the extreme heat or cold for at least an hour so if you plan on using Rockliffe Spa facilities do this before your FACE SPAce treatment. 

*At the time of writing this FACE SPAce was still in trial mode and launched to the public 4th November 2023

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