Herb Lester’s London Address Book

We have been a fan of Herb Lester travel books for quite some time now so this new London guide is a must have for anyone heading to the big smoke in search of some new ideas on things to do!

What’s a good place to eat alone? Are there still any decent pubs in Soho? Where’s best to buy books? Records? Magazines? Herb Lester’s London Address Book answers all of these questions and many more with 280 tried and tested places to eat, drink, shop and see, based on years spent researching our award-winning city guides and the day to day knowledge that comes from living in London. Herb Lester’s London Address Book is designed to be a constant companion.

Wrapped in a rain and stain-proof plastic sleeve, it’s ideal for the city’s unpredictable climate and it’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or bag, which means you can consult it on the move. So whether you’re looking to buy socks, eat a sandwich or see contemporary art, you only need consult Herb Lester’s London Address Book to find the best places to do it!


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