Le Petit Beefbar, a Gourmet Haven at InterContinental Edinburgh The George

Located within the historic heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, a beacon of culinary sophistication has graced the capital of Scotland. Le Petit Beefbar, an illustrious member of the globally renowned Beefbar collection, has opened its doors at InterContinental Edinburgh The George. This prestigious restaurant is destined to redefine the city’s gastronomic landscape, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in a setting that exudes elegance and charm. Read on to discover more.

Founded by the visionary Riccardo Giraudi, whose family has shaped the beef industry for over half a century, Beefbar was conceived from a deep-rooted passion for exceptional meat and produce. In 2005, the first Beefbar in Monte Carlo unveiled its culinary artistry, and since then, the brand has carved an esteemed reputation worldwide. The London-based ‘Le Petit Beefbar’ opened its doors in November 2021 and this summer the brand extends its culinary mastery to Edinburgh, drawing inspiration from diverse global cuisines, including traditional steakhouse offerings and comforting street food from Japan, Mexico, and Europe.

A Palatial Setting

Stepping into Le Petit Beefbar is like entering a world of splendor and refinement. The restaurant’s interior design elegantly intertwines rich hues of deep reds and greens with the historic Georgian architecture of InterContinental Edinburgh The George. Classic Thonet bentwood chairs invite you to dine in style, while banquette and booth seating provide intimacy, enhanced by vibrant, patterned fabrics.

Live piano at weekends serenades diners in the background, creating an immersive dining experience. While the restaurant’s marble-topped bar, adorned with seating for six, beckons guests to savour a Martini or two as they revel in the ambience with pre or post dinner drinks.

A Storied Location

A grand hotel since 1881 InterContinental Edinburgh The George, originally a series of New Town 18th-century townhouses, holds a storied past, having welcomed literary luminaries like Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott for over two centuries. Le Petit Beefbar, housed within the first of these townhouses, offers access through both its on-street entrance as well as the hotel’s impressive lobby.

A Symphony of Flavours from Across the Globe

Under the creative guidance of Executive Chef Matthew Parker, working alongside Group Executive Chef Thierry Paludetto and Riccardo Giraudi himself, the Le Petit Beefbar menu is a testament to the art of sourcing, craftsmanship, and culinary innovation. Locally sourced ingredients meet carefully selected cuts of beef from esteemed butchers like Scotland’s John Gilmour and Campbells.

A Libation Wonderland

The drinks selection is a connoisseur’s dream. The extensive wine list features global selections available by the glass and bottle, while the cocktail menu offers signature serves like the Leaf Garden, a tantalizing blend of Edinburgh Gin, Cocchi Americano vermouth, basil, egg white, lemon, sugar syrup, and coriander bitters, or the Tropical Negroni, infused with coconut fat-washed Campari, Flor de Caña rum, homemade pineapple, and vanilla vermouth.

Our Dining Experience

Dining at the restaurant is all about sharing and exploring different tastes, so we started the journey with an array of sharing plates which were recommended by our fantastic waiter Alastair; he suggested the Baby Queadillas, Croque Sandro, and the Insane Rock Corn and wow they were incredible.

Chopsticks are provided to eat the Rock Corn and each mouthful is a taste explosion thanks to the tempura and sriracha mayo. The Quesadillas were a winner too, dainty and melt in the mouth, filled with braised short ribs, mozzarella, kobe karasumi and matched perfectly with a small pot of the inhouse chimichurri.

The star of the show for me was the Croque Sandro, something I would have dismissed from the menu, but thanks to Alastair’s recommendation we sampled it. Four dainty croquets are filled with 45-day cured beef striploin prosciutto and mozzarella, while the La Sauce Beefbar is theatrically poured onto the plate (see the reel on our Instagram).

The main courses continued the culinary voyage and we chose three cuts, Their Wagyu Sirloin, Certified Kobe Beef and Tagliata, with fries and mash. The Kobe which is 900-day grain-fed Japanese Black, Hyogo Beef really is a show-stopper and you are not going to find anything like this in Edinburgh (or Scotland for that matter) as it is the only restaurant in Scotland with Kobe accreditation (which is no a mean feat). The Kobe comes in 100g denominations priced at £98 per 100g so it really is a delicacy. Cooked medium rare, with a touch to the rare side, it cuts like butter and melts in your mouth.

We also tried their second more popular cut the Wagyu Sirloin, this 350-day grain-fed, Rangers Valley, Australia Beef priced at £87 for 300g is a big chunk of meat and great for sharing. Alastair also recommended the Tagliata, this is a skirt steak 140-day corn-fed Black Angus, Creek Stone from the USA with a lower entry price its just as tasty thanks to its herb rub, which is a chef’s secret we were told and I’m not surprised they want to keep it under wraps, it is delicious!

Even though we didn’t have space for dessert after that feast we still gave it our best shot and managed not one, but three desserts. I like a simple dessert list and with four options it makes it easy to decide. We went for the Chocolate Soufflé, and the Signature French Toast as well as the Gelato. Alastair told us the French Toast was for sharing as was the Ice Cream, so he gave us a half portion of the ice cream. And he wasn’t joking about the portion sizes, the French Toast was gigantic and the single portion of ice cream was enough for two and is served with a selection of sauces, nuts and chocolate pieces to dip the ice cream into. I can’t imagine what size the full-sized portion was like!

We finished our gastronomic odyssey with some dessert wine and reflected on what was a truly indulgent and incredible evening. The price point is higher than you will find in other steak restaurants in Edinburgh, but this restaurant really is something special. It’s an absolute must for anyone looking for a destination restaurant offering a truly memorable experience. We highly recommend it.

Le Petit Beefbar is included in our guide to the best restaurants in Edinburgh.

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