Brown Beach House Hotel

A one time tobacco shipment station has been turned into 1950’s inspired luxury resort in the town of Trogir Croatia on the Adriatic coast. The property is located within a meticulously restored edifice built in the early 20th-century that once housed Duhanka, a landmark tobacco storage facility.

The restored property features 25 one and two bedroom suites developed by by Amsterdam-based designer Saar Zafrir. whose conscious approach to aesthetics infuses calming, natural color pallets and wooden tones, classic-yet-contemporary furniture and vintage pieces surrounded by local flora, which when combined, creates a cohesive, timeless look and home-like feel.

The hotel modernises the classic Italian beach style summer resorts of the 1950’s with the hotel’s signature lobby library, succulents, Mediterranean flora and bespoke furnishings sprinkled throughout the property create an unparalleled level of contemporary design and leisure-soaked amenities previously unobtainable on the Croatian coastline.

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