Tackle Dry January In Style

Award-winning wine writer Matthew Jukes and his friend and co-founder Jack Hollihan have announced the launch of Jukes; a sophisticated, delicious and intellectually stimulating non alcoholic drink brand.

Jukes’ finish, or length of persistence of flavour, is unlike any non-alcoholic drink, purposefully mirroring the generosity and build-quality of a fine wine. Jukes’ DNA is that of great wine, but made from entirely different natural ingredients to be non-alcoholic, limited in calories, and, like a fine wine, deeply satisfying to its drinker.

The packaging for Jukes is as innovative as the flavours. Multi-discipline design legends Jay Osgerby and Ed Barber from London studio Barber Osgerby directed the design for the sleek and elegant packaging of the bottles and boxes. Matthew’s long friendship with Jay and Ed guaranteed him an audience, but it was the taste of Jukes which sealed his second professional relationship with this amazing duo having asked them to design the interior of his ground-breaking wine bar, The Crescent, back in the mid-Nineties.

Jukes has launched three distinct flavours — Jukes 1, Jukes 2 and Jukes 6 — designed to be mixed with still or sparkling water at the lunch or dinner table and even tonic water at the bar, giving the consumer a choice to suit their personal palate.

The drinks are bottled in small 30ml bottles from which you can can pour the exact measure to suit your own tastes. Designed to be diluted 8-10 parts water, Jukes 6 weighs in at only 18 calories per glass and Jukes 1 is a sprightly 15 calories per glass.

Served in 30ml glass bottles Jukes are now available in Fortnum & Mason and The Conran Shop and are designed for people who want to maintain their high standards of taste and pleasure, even when they are not indulging in alcohol.


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