The Emilio Pucci x Acqua di Parma Collection in Support of Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future Project

Emilio Pucci And Acqua Di Parma have joined forces to celebrate joy, beauty and resilience this season. The two Italian Maisons share the values of traditional workmanship, an ebullient spirit and passion for beauty, and are supporting the Rewrite the Future campaign from Save the Children. This new collaboration harmonises the exuberant style of Emilio Pucci with the elegance of Acqua di Parma. 

Save the Children, Emilio Pucci and Acqua di Parma

The international organisation has been working to save children at risk for over a century. Endeavouring to guarantee futures, against a backdrop of challenging social conditions and a lack of educational facilities, the charity has contributed to improvements in the lives of millions of children. Including those in the most remote locations.

Acqua di Parma seeks to support the current generations and those of the future to which the brand looks with confidence. The collaboration with Save the Children is a loving gesture, understanding that culture and education are essential to safeguard society’s as well as individuals’ futures. 

Emilio Pucci specialises in combining essential design with the inimitable joy of colour. Its founder created a rich universe of prints and an unmistakable solar style, for which he was named The Prince of Prints. This season the fashion house’s retro Vortici print is reimagined in vibrant yellow, exuding confidence, freedom and Italian beauty – journeying from sophisticated urban architecture to classical floral gardens and the azure coast. 

The Emilio Pucci x Acqua di Parma Collection

Accompanying the upcoming winter holiday season range, the Emilio Pucci x Acqua di Parma Collection offers exciting new proposals. These include the Le Nobili and Blu Mediterraneo range, the Notte di  Stelle candle and diffuser from the Home Collection, the Barbiere Collection and an Advent Calendar; the edition certainly brings surprises to be revealed day by day.

The gift sets  


A swirl of luminosity takes over the world of Colonias from Acqua di Parma, the ideal gift for all those who share the passion. A complete selection of hatboxes beautifully decorated by Emilio Pucci. Colonia is available in the 100ml Eau de  Cologne format, the 75ml Bath and Shower Gel and the 50ml Deodorant Spray.  For the other boxes, alongside the 100ml Eau de Cologne, 50ml Deodorant Spray and 75ml Shampoo and Shower Gel. We’ve made changes to the colour codes on the labels, which are now white for Colonia, sage green for Colonia Futura and black for Colonia Essenza.  

Colonia. Fresh, solar and unmistakably citric, this icon of the company is in quintessentially Italian style.  

Colonia Essenza. Elegant and sophisticated, sober in character, with a surprisingly vibrant and citric woody note.  

Colonia Futura. Between roots and the future, a reinterpretation of Colonia with the roundness of Clary sage and the freshness of lavender.

Le Nobili 

The Vortici print moves across the most splendid gardens of Italy and lands on the two hatboxes dedicated to Magnolia Nobile and Rosa Nobile. The set includes the 100ml Eau de Parfum, Body Cream and 75ml Bath and Shower Gel. A gold label for a gift that celebrates the femininity of every woman, with her favourite fragrance.  

Magnolia Nobile. Precious and modern, it enhances the fascination of a woman who attracts the glances of passers-by with the strength of her personality. Natural and at the same time charismatic, just like the magnolia flower.  

Rosa Nobile. Fresh and radiant, unchains the femininity of emotions lived to the full. An extremely charming fragrance, with the flower that women love best.  

Blu Mediterraneo 

Vortici travels along the Mediterranean coastline and lands on the three boxes of Arancia di Capri, Mirto di Panarea and Fico d’Amalfi. Perfect as a gift of the vibrant vitality of the Italian Mediterranean, a Garden of Eden dense in aromas and colours. Each set includes the 75ml Eau de Toilette, 40ml Shower Gel and 50ml  Body Lotion. Practical, manageable formats, so that you can take the luminosity of the unforgettable Mediterranean scenarios with you wherever you go. 

Arancia di Capri. Solar and relaxing unchain notes of orange, mandarin and lemon, citrus fruits which are a symbol of the Mediterranean island.  

Mirto di Panarea. Intensely regenerating, combining myrtle and basil with the aromatic notes of the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the perfumed sea breeze.  

Fico di Amalfi. A living triumph of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit combined with notes of nectar of figs in an irresistible and surprising harmony. 

The Ritual Sets 

Elegant and joyous, the Vortici prints herald the memorable experiences offered by the two Ritual Sets – a precious ritual of beauty entirely inspired by Magnolia  Nobile and a sophisticated selection from the BARBIERE range of Italian shaving products.  

The Beauty Ritual Set 

Treat your hair to the floral fragrance of Magnolia Nobile, give your hands a silky feel with Sublime Hand Cream and complete the beauty ritual with the bright,  modern notes of the Eau de Parfum inspired by the wonderful magnolia flower.  Two format bottles in the 12ml format for a precious feminine gift. The elegant square box is completely covered by the Vortici print, with a removable interior to transform it into an original object.  

The Daily Ritual Set 

An original idea for an experience of true elegance. The daily ritual of shaving and personal care Italian style, with an essential and complete selection from the  BARBIERE range, consisting of Refreshing Deodorant for the Face, Soft Shaving  Cream, Refreshing After-shave Emulsion and Delicate Shampoo, all in a convenient  40ml format. The set also includes the enriching 20ml Colonia, for an experience in pure Italian style. The rectangular box, transformed into a precious object by the Vortici print, becomes an accessory of masculine elegance. Reusable, due to its removable interior. 

The Home Collection Holiday Gift 

Candles and Room Diffuser 

Notte di Stelle, the iconic fragrance from the Acqua di Parma Home Collection, is back. A festive night illuminated by the colours of Vortici which cover the packaging and the glass of the candle and diffuser. An atmospheric gift to accompany the joy of sharing an intimate and special time of the year. The balsamic notes of pine oil and the fragrances of birch wood and Guajac combine with spicy clove and pungent raspberry. The candle comes in the 200g format and the even more dramatic looking 500g version with three wicks. 180ml and 500ml formats for the diffuser. The special glass decorations transform the diffusers and candles into home furnishing objects, to be reused and given a second lease of life as desired.  

The Advent Calendar  

Inspired by the iconic Acqua di Parma hatboxes, decorated throughout with a  dynamic Emilio Pucci print, the Advent Calendar from the new Holiday Season collection is an exceptional version of a design object. 25 windows to be opened one day at a time to reveal a world of surprises and obtain a full, multi-faceted vision of the universe of Acqua di Parma. Lots of precious gifts in formats specifically designed to bring out the best of the iconic Acqua di Parma fragrances, such as  Fico di Amalfi, Peonia Nobile Luxury Hand Cream, Arancia di Capri Body Lotion and Magnolia Nobile Hair Mist. As well as the sophisticated Osmanthus, Oud and  Sandalo Signatures of the Sun. For the evening of 24 December, the 70g Notte di  Stella candle labelled “Emilio Pucci per Acqua di Parma” and, for 25 December,  Colonia, the company’s iconic fragrance. 

The Emilio Pucci x Acqua di Parma Collection is available this October in both brands’ boutiques and on their websites, as well as via their retail partners.

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