The Fourth Component of Byredo Night Veils: Le Rituel de la Nuit  

Byredo’s Vanille Antique Night Veils series of Extraits de Parfum has thus far consisted of Tobacco Mandarin, Casablanca Lily, Reine de Nuit and Sellier. Now joined by Le Rituel de la Nuit, it celebrates the start of the evening and the ritual of the night. 

Nocturnal Olfactory Stimulation

The application of Byredo’s Night Veils signals the start of the evening, the embrace of nightfall.

Designed, like certain flowers, to release their headiest scent at twilight, these scents offer a voluptuous, rich and rounded interplay of notes. The concentrates are crafted from the purest and most precious of ingredients; noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care

Once applied, the wearer is surrounded by a sense of intensity and intimacy, thanks to a recipe that uses an older, more luxurious and refined perfume tradition. These scents work closer to the skin than many more modern counterparts, harnessing the heat of the body to release the extract over many hours, deepening as the time passes. related to the wearer. Igniting a nocturnal world of imagination, memory and desire, the fragrance can be worn out, in, or simply for sleep (after all, Marilyn Monroe famously slept in nothing but her fragrance).

Vanille Antique

Vanille Antique is the first eponymous Byredo fragrance to focus on the perfumery house’s rarest raw ingredient. The smoky scent of vanilla bean is charged with history and character, with a sweetness accompanying textures of earthiness and darkness; a warming mix of cashmere wood, ciste and musk form an alluring mix. These ingredients are distilled into a pure essence through time-honoured techniques. 

Vanille Antique, the Night Veils perfume extract, is priced at £235 for 50 ml and can be purchased at

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