The Michelin-Starred Restaurants of Edinburgh

The headquarters (Edinburgh) is a wonderful place to indulge in that favourite of pastimes; eating and drinking good food and wine. We have so many restaurants in the city the most difficult task is deciding where to go. For the cream of the crop why not treat yourself and pay a visit to one of the four Michelin Star restaurants in Edinburgh; for a city that is small and compact this is quite an achievement! Two of these restaurants are located in Leith which is becoming a real hotspot for foodies. Read on to learn more about the culinary stars of the city and what they have to offer a discerning dinner guest.


Sourcing many of its ingredients from local suppliers, farmers and foragers, Timberyard’s kitchen takes a creative and experimental approach to cooking, placing techniques such as fermentation, smoking and curing at the fore of its dishes, which runs in parallel with a commitment to sustainability. The restaurant is located in a former warehouse with simple decor and a wood burner, evoking a rustic and industrial — yet cosy – ambiance that adds to its innovative character. Timberland has won numerous awards and accolades, including being named the Best Restaurant in Scotland at the National Restaurant Awards.


Found in Edinburgh’s historic port town (and foodie central) Leith, Heron has a strong focus on seafood, with dishes such as smoked haddock chowder and crispy squid making an appearance on the menu. It also places an emphasis on Scottish cuisine with local ingredients and flavours. And while its food is high-end and refined, it’s also known for being affordable and accessible. Heron’s interior design is sleek and modern, with minimalist decor and an open kitchen that allows diners to watch the chefs at work. It was founded in 2019, by chef-patron, Edward Murray (who had previously worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Edinburgh) and his wife, Dale.

The Kitchin


Based in Leith and run by famed chef Tom Kitchin, The Kitchin opened in 2006 and claimed its Michelin star in 2007. Although the restaurant could ride on the success of Tom Kitchin alone, the food steals the show for every diner. Simple, straightforward and unfussy dishes are presented on the menu and there are no unusual ingredients just for the sake of it. Be sure to ask staff about wine pairings, as The Kitchin has an extensive wine cellar that offers something for every dish imaginable.

Martin Wishart

Martin Wishart

Located in the port of Leith and opened in 1999 Martin Wishart has a solid reputation in Edinburgh as being one of the best restaurants in the city. Rather than piecing together your own meal from the extensive menu, it is best to opt for the six-course tasting menu prepared by the chef each evening, there are some variations available, including a vegetarian menu, and a fish menu, so that the dishes cater for a wide audience. If you are drinking have staff pick out wines to pair with each of the dishes. Sample dishes from the menu at Martin Wishart include ox tongue tarts, haddock potato mousseline with a rich red wine sauce and to finalise the meal with a sweet treat, petits fours are served by a waiter in white gloves.


This is an intimate hidden contemporary-styled gem and recently awarded a Michelin Star, tucked away where the Old Town meets Southside.  During the day, light pours into the airy whitewashed room from the large skylight. Condita has six tables and food is prepared for the number of diners booked in (no walk-ins allowed). The vibe is leisurely, so expect to be in for the night, as you soak up the experience, rather than having a quick bite. The range of organic wines is a boon, as well as the pre-dinner method Champagne. Presentation is imaginative, with meals arriving on pebbles, wooden spoons and artfully arranged. Much of the produce comes from a walled-garden in the Borders, which accounts for the proliferation of perfectly fresh herbs.

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