Mama Shelter Expands to Nice with Its First Rooftop Pool and Vibrant Artistic Flair

The stylish and spirited Mama Shelter brand is set to open a new chapter in Nice, adding a splash of modern vibrancy to the Côte d’Azur’s artistic and culinary scene. Located in the emerging Riquier District near the Old Port, Mama Shelter Nice will boast 102 chic rooms, along with the brand’s first-ever rooftop pool.

Architectural and Design Marvels

Designed by the renowned architect Benjamin El Doghaïli, the hotel’s interior will mirror the city’s rich artistic heritage, drawing inspiration from legendary French painters like Matisse and Picasso who once painted the town in their iconic styles. The lobby will feature hand-painted frescoes alongside modern installations, creating an ambience that’s both historical and contemporary.

The rooms, with their bright white walls and ochre curtains, will echo the architectural style of 19th-century Niçois buildings, while the carpets designed by artist Laureline Galliot will showcase an impressive pointillist technique.

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A Culinary Haven with a View

For those looking to mix business with pleasure, Mama Shelter Nice will provide vibrant ateliers for personalised seminars and social events, encapsulating a perfect blend of work and leisure.

With this new addition, Mama Shelter not only promises to be a refuge for travellers but also a social hub for Nice’s residents, embodying the brand’s philosophy of openness and communal joy.

About Mama Shelter

Founded in 2008 by Serge Trigano and his sons, Mama Shelter aims to provide unique urban accommodations that offer more than just a place to stay. Each location is designed to reflect its environment and community, making every stay a new adventure. The Nice location marks the 11th Mama Shelter in France and 18th worldwide, with future plans for expansion in cities like Dubai.

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