Vienna Welcomes The Hoxton with Its Unique Design and Stunning Rooftop Views

As the doors opened this April 1st, Vienna unveils its newest treasure, The Hoxton, set in a striking marble-clad modernist landmark. Beyond merely offering accommodations, this hotel introduces an innovative blend of local culture and international flair, promising an exceptional experience in the heart of one of Europe’s most storied cities.

A New Vision for Viennese Hospitality

The Hoxton is not just a hotel; it’s a redefinition of space and style. From its 196 homely bedrooms to the atmospheric event spaces, including the debut of The Hoxton’s Auditorium, every detail echoes a playful yet elegant ethos, merging mid-century Austrian design with the brand’s signature warm and layered aesthetic.

Design and Décor

Crafted by AIME Studios and inspired by Carl Appel’s mid-century aesthetics and the iconic Wiener Werkstätte movement, the interiors celebrate the architectural heritage of a 1950s building. The expansive lobby boasts original travertine walls, terrazzo flooring, ruby red sofas, and bespoke mid-century lighting. Artwork curated by Sterling Art adds a touch of local culture, with pieces such as Rini Spiel’s abstract botanical paintings and Rudolf Fitz’s oil painting of the Konzerthaus facade.

Rooms that Whisper Home

The rooms, ranging from Shoebox to Roomy, reflect early 20th-century Austrian design with a modern twist. Geometric curtains, ruched headboards, and 1950s-inspired art create an inviting atmosphere, complemented by cool blue or glossy black tiled bathrooms.

Culinary Delights at Bouvier

Bouvier, a modern bistro that operates from dawn till dusk, offers a creative and sass-filled menu inspired by New York meets European cuisine. Highlights include the chicken Caesar schnitzel and a delightful mille-feuille with salted caramel. The space, featuring a checkerboard terrazzo floor and 1950s custom seating, encapsulates a vibe of retro New York blended with local Viennese character.

An Escape to Salon Paradise

The basement cocktail bar, Salon Paradise, brings the spirit of the Beat Generation to Vienna. With its burl-timber bar and cosy corners, this speakeasy-inspired venue serves up creative concoctions to the backdrop of live music and 1920s ambience.

Tropical Vibes at Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco, the Cuban-inspired rooftop bar, offers a tropical escape atop Vienna. With lush views stretching to the Austrian Alps, this spot serves up Caribbean-inspired dishes and supersized rum cocktails. The décor, from saffron corridors to rattan furniture, channels 1950s Havana.

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Innovative Event Spaces

The Auditorium, Vienna’s most grand event space at The Hoxton, hosts everything from live music to weddings. Its design pays homage to 1950s cinema with bold colour-blocked ceilings and vintage chandeliers. The Apartment, another versatile event space, features a design that blends modern aesthetics with traditional Viennese elements.

A Commitment to Local Culture

The Hoxton’s dedication to local culture is evident in its partnerships and curated spaces like The Hox Gallery, showcasing emerging local artists like Ju Schnee. Moreover, the hotel’s support for The Gruft charity highlights its commitment to the community.

Location and Local Attractions

Located in Vienna’s 3rd district, The Hoxton is surrounded by design schools, museums, and the serene Stadtpark, with the historic 1st district just a short distance away.

With its distinctive take on hospitality, blending innovative design with heartfelt local engagement, The Hoxton, Vienna, is set to become a landmark destination for both travellers and locals alike, redefining the cityscape and offering a new lens through which to view the vibrant Austrian capital.

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