In Conversation With Vitor Matos, Michelin Star Chef

Michelin star Chef, Vitor Matos, started his culinary career with a Cooking and Pastry course in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Twenty years on, and with many positions at highly regarded dining establishments under his hat, the award-winning Chef now spends his time between Portugal and Switzerland, both in the kitchen and as a gastronomic consultant. We recently had the pleasure of dining at the Blind and it was sensational! Read on to discover more about the man behind the imaginative culinary creations.

Was the hospitality sector always where you wanted to carve your career? 

Cooking has always been my dream and what makes me happy. This sector has always been my dream career.

Tell us more about the moment you decided to establish Blind and the journey so far. 

Blind’s project began to be designed in March 2019, and was born out of a need for freedom, and this has been the principle that keeps me alive in the project. Blind is the place where I am free to transform my wildest creations, without fear, where I put into practice the kitchen and the moments I want to reach the other in a raw way, without reservations of judgment. From here a whole concept was born and we grew in the offer, but I always try to see and interpret it this way.

And for those who have not yet visited how would you describe the concept and the vibe at Blind? 

It is the place that awakens the senses, in its purest form and without preconceived ideas, it is an appeal to freedom.

Your dishes present influences from traditional and modern techniques – please explain more about how you combine the two? 

I always feel between these two ways, at work and in life, we must never forget our origins, traditions and expressing that in the kitchen is very natural, on the other hand, the most advanced techniques always allow me to go further, keep me current, follow and exceed expectations, so it will always be difficult to dissociate myself from one of them.

Where do you find inspiration for new menus?

At Blind, in practically everything, our senses are something that inspires me by nature, the way we feel about everything, I can get inspiration from an ingredient, an event, a way of being, or simply a scent, it’s part of freedom that I defend in this concept.

You spend a lot of time in both Portugal and Switzerland. Have you observed any differences in the attitude towards food / dining experiences in each country? 

I was still very young when I had my experience in Switzerland, but the main difference I noticed is the way people look for gastronomic experiences, in Portugal we eat to feed ourselves much more than in Switzerland, it has to do with the appreciation that both peoples give to gastronomy.

And if yes how do you adapt to both? 

My work boils down to mitigating this difference, in that I am definitely Swiss.

And what are your predictions for any foodie trends in the coming years?

In my opinion, we are moving more and more towards rich and flavourful kitchens, this is where we are all heading, appearance is and will always be important, but taste is the future of the kitchen.

Are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for you as a team and/or Blind? 

Always, the ambitions of this project are big and I have big plans for it in the future, even because this work has just started and we have a lot to grow and to show.

Luxury is an entirely subjective concept – what does it mean to you?

For me, it always means the best of everything, living and being in the best way, and providing that to others, is my vision of luxury.

Finally, what is your life motto? (if you have one)

Family, friends, good food and good wine always.

Contact Details

Blind is included in our guide to the best restaurants in Porto and we highly recommend you include a visit to it on your next trip to Porto.

Address: Rua de Entreparedes 40, 4000-197 Porto, Portugal

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