Throw Portable Parties This Summer With the Pioneer DDJ-200 – Review

It’s clear that the party trends of summer 2021 will revolve around outdoor gatherings, smaller groups, UK staycationing and DIY clubbing vibes. But rather than allow this to limit our fun, we decided to see it as a new opportunity. So we tried out the new DDJ-200, to learn new skills and up the ante on our home party hosting.

The Ibiza Experience at Home

There’s a strong likelihood an overseas holiday – at least those involving nights out clubbing – won’t be an option this year. But with this technology from Pioneer DJ, it’s now possible to recreate the musical element of the Ibiza experience (read our review of the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel), right here at home (or anywhere as it is so portable). I was able to play tracks and create unique mixes, enjoying a seamless audio experience.

DJ Anywhere

The smart DJ controller is wireless, light and compact. This makes it easy to pop into a bag and take to the park, on a weekend break, or to a friend’s house. It comes with a free app WeDJ and extra features including Pop Hint, transition FX and a phrase sync function. I ran it from a USB power adapter when out and about (it also comes with a charging cable). And I kept it safe from knocks and dings using the stylish matching impact-resistant, custom-designed carry bag.

Suitable For The Professional Or Novice Mixer

The Pioneer brand has been producing equipment for beginners and pros alike for two and a half decades. I found the controller on this model to be really intuitive. And by working through the app’s accompanying tutorial, I was able to learn the basics very quickly. It’s a great bit of kit for getting to grips with the art of DJing; a phrase sync feature analyses and aligns the positions of any two tracks, the beats are then matched, enabling the user to mix and glide from one to another.

But the controller isn’t just for novices. Those who are more experienced will reap its more advanced benefits such as pitch bend buttons, a manual loop and jog diam wheels. No doubt this will be a great starting point for any budding professional DJ wanting to progress quickly.

Multiple Compatibilities

The DDJ-200 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. I was able to play it through my headphones, PC speakers, and a more powerful external speaker (great when entertaining friends in the garden). It also works with all the major streaming services, perfect for mixing your existing playlist tracks or experimenting with new music. It even suggested the next tracks for mixing, based on my song list. I connected the controller to SoundCloud Go+, providing access to masses of online music.

As a two-channel DJ controller that connects to the smartphone wirelessly, this is a superb buy for anyone keen to get into mixing. It’s certainly the nearest thing to clubbing that I’ve experienced in a long while and made the art of DJing more accessible than ever. Available to buy on the Pioneer DJ website.

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