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A Timeless Tuscan Gem Transformed into a Luxurious Retreat by Precise Hotels

Nestled amidst a lush expanse of holm oaks and ancient cypresses, framed by idyllic vineyards and serene olive groves, the grand estate of Poggio Alla Sala has unveiled its latest transformation this summer, inviting guests to experience its timeless charm as a luxurious hotel with 71 luxury suites and sophisticated rooms, seasonal fine dining and a serene wellness centre.

Poggio Alla Sala emerges as a refined haven of serenity, echoing the charms of a bygone era. With its mystical allure, steeped in history and preserving the very essence of Tuscany, it has played a significant role since the times of the Etruscans. Once the cherished farm and holiday abode of the noble Bonci-Casuccini family in the 18th century, the estate exudes an aristocratic charm that has been lovingly preserved.

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Guided by Ron Ben Haim, the visionary behind Precise Hotels, this remarkable metamorphosis has been a true labour of love. Ron Ben Haim’s unwavering commitment has brought forth a masterpiece that effortlessly marries heritage with innovation, breathing new life into Poggio Alla Sala. “We approached this project with sensibility, inspired by the way Italian intertwine history and modernity and understand the potent allure of simplicity. The design is elegant but not intimidating or opulent even with the luminous frescoes overhead above the freestanding iron four-poster bed in the suites”

At the core of Precise Hotel’s distinctive design philosophy lies a profound fascination with exploration and storytelling. As a testament to the spirit of wanderlust, Poggio Alla Sala offers its own nod to the historic Silk Road that once meandered through the region and pays homage to cultural pluralism and the exciting world of travel.

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Address: Via Poggio alla Sala, 10, 53045 Montepulciano SI, Italy