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Best hotels in Singapore

Thanks to a rich and complicated past, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and has quickly become the must-visit destination in Asia. With one of the world’s ...

On September 18, 2018 / By

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    Best Hotels In Copenhagen

    The epitome of cool, Copenhagen is the Scandinavian haven of design, fashion and modernism. Everything this city does is forward-thinking and about making life more enjoyable and that ...

    On September 18, 2018 / By
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    Best Hotels In Toronto

    Toronto is arguably the most multicultural city on the planet. Over 140 languages are spoken in the metropolis and over half the residents are born outside of Canada ...

    On September 17, 2018 / By
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    Best Hotels In Oslo

    Enclosed by mountains and sea, Oslo is a compact city with a blossoming contemporary cultural scene and an ever-evolving identity. Both old and incredibly new, Oslo offers history ...

    On September 17, 2018 / By
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    Sandman Signature Aberdeen Hotel

    I must admit coming from Scotland and living in Edinburgh I am woefully versed on most of the northern part of Scotland, traveling these days often makes it ...

    On September 9, 2018 / By
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    The Best UK Spa Hotels

    Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while and the ultimate way to do so is to kick back at a luxury spa hotel. Read on to ...

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    Best Luxury Hotels In Budapest

    Budapest is an architectural treasure trove. The city showcases a variety of styles from baroque master-pieces and elegant neo-classical examples, to striking art nouveau designs. The golden ages ...

    On September 5, 2018 / By

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    Eat Do Sleep Cyprus

    Cyprus is the Mediterreanean’s third largest island and a perrenial favourite with visitors looking for all-year  sun & fun. Here’s our guide to this fascinating island, writes Andrew ...

    On August 23, 2018 / By
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    Eat Do Sleep Menorca

    Menorca is probably the least well-known of the Balearic islands; without the bling of Ibiza or the glamour of Mallorca – and that is what makes this place ...

    On August 21, 2018 / By
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    Eat Do Sleep Louvre-Tuileries Paris

    Paris is known for its incredible architectural beauty, fascinating history, unique culture, and of course, never-ending romance, but nowhere in the city are all of these things more ...

    On August 20, 2018 / By
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    Eat Do Sleep Chicago

    ‘Chicago, is my kind of town!’ sings Frank Sinatra; and I can’t help but agree. This US mid-western metropolis has long been a favourite destination. Chicago represents the ...

    On July 17, 2018 / By
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    Eat Do Sleep Palma

    Palma is full of treasures and is a favourite of The Luxury Editor. The city is known for its varied architecture thanks to a mix of Spanish and ...

    On July 10, 2018 / By
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    Eat Do Sleep Madrid

    The Spanish capital is known for it’s beautiful green spaces and its rich cultural history as one of Europe’s centres of art. Although the third largest city in ...

    On June 25, 2018 / By